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The Creature Made Of Light Astral Journey

The Creature Made Of Light Astral Journey A Winged Creature An Angel
The Creature Made Of Light Astral Journey : it's the night of 7th September 1992. Until then my life had been a very normal one, by the time I was 25 I held a secure job with the Government and I had married Mario, an old friend from school, following over 8 years of courtship; we bought a house, small but comfortable and we had a nice boy by the name of Alessandro, who at the time was 1 year old; all in all, even though I was young, I had already achieved many goals in my life; my family was simple in its structure but full of interests: my uncles from my father's side were all into some form of Art, one was into poetry, the other into painting; especially my uncle Romano, one of my dad's brothers, who in addition to being a poet and a painter, was an esoteric and he introduced me, so to speak, to the science of the spirit of Rudolf Stainer; after studying this for 3 years the time for this special night came, and I firmly believe that there was a link between that experience and the wonderful event of that night. Yes, that night, how could I forget?
The day had gone smoothly. My son Alessandro was happily resting in his little bed: he had eaten, played and then he had fallen asleep. I was about to fall asleep myself when all of a sudden I found myself deep into the darkest of darkness. I began to travel extremely fast and I found myself catapulted into a dark tunnel, where I could hear different sounds alternating, initially harsh and clashing, then more and more harmonious. Terrified I asked myself 'Where am I?'. Then a winged creature appeared in front of me: yes, it was an Angel resplendent like the light from the sun.
The sounds were becoming a chorus of 'OOOOOOH' and He appeared majestic, resplendent, of a blinding luminosity. It was just like how people imagine it: winged, majestic, brilliant. I entered it and the light seemed to want to melt within me. I immediately understood that my experience, if I continued, would have meant my death. At that point I forced my way back into my body. It was the most amazing experience of my life, an experience of complete love, of complete fusion, of complete joy.
From that moment on, with increasing motivation, I continued to study ever more in depth the science of the spirit and I even discovered that the common denominator of angelic experiences is that people sometimes feel surrounded by an enormous love, an all-encompassing love, a non-judgmental love. A love that is so strong, this endless goodness from such a long time ago surrounds me too, very recently I even lost my father. The sweetness of the memory of that night, the breadth of that vision are nonetheless still extremely vivid and the wish for goodness, for peace and for love is strong within me.
The most important consequence from my astral journey is that love must expand to ever increasing circles, until it includes not only one's own family, but also others, our neighbors, the entire world, earth; this is when our dimension as spiritual creatures embraces the world in its entirety, not excluding anything and anybody; now I evaluate and take into consideration the uniqueness of every creature, the beauty of every being. The Angel did not speak to me that night, but the light that was emanating speaks louder than any words; light as life, as love, as complete acceptance, as a will to serve, through others, our Superior Selves.
I was very fortunate to have such an experience: but even more so because I can share with others what I experienced. Do not fear death: it's only a passage to other dimensions of light, of perfection.
The Creature Made Of Light Astral Journey A Winged Creature An Angel
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