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Testimonials Of Guardian Angels Pink Gerbera

Testimonials Of Guardian Angels The Pink Gerbera Daisy The Flower And My Guardian Angel
Testimonials Of Guardian Angels The Pink Gerbera : the convention last Sunday afternoon was full of people; on the white small speakers podium there were two flower compositions: one with many roses and garden flowers of varied colours and the other bunch with a pink motif with pink roses and pink gerbera daisies; the latest bunch of flowers really attracted my attention, especially one particular flower, the pink gerbera daisy, which really seemed to 'call me'; so during a short break I stood up and I went to admire it up close; then, once I sat down again, my Guardian Angel led me to dance; it's so wonderful dancing with my Guardian Angel, at the end of the convention I stood up to leave and I asked if I could possibly take that flower home with me.
'I thought that this was a gift to (the speaker) Anna Lauders' said Sara Luce, 'and instead I discovered that it's a gift from a lady for the whole convention, if you like that gerbera so much, of course you can take it'. And so I did, I happily took the flower and soon after that I headed for the venue's exit. That's when I bumped into some friends who had come especially to see the now-cancelled show that Mauro Quattrina was going to host (who, it turned out, was unable to host it because of some problem with kidney stones). So we decided to go together to the cinema instead.
There were the four of us, plus my flower. In order not to spoil the crown of the flower, I carefully laid the flower between the two back seats, between my girlfriend and myself and every now and then, between one laughter and the other, I would glance at my flower. Once we reached the cinema theatre, I was the last one to get out of the car, after having checked one last time on my flower, there it was, all petals were distended and laid there, between the two seats.
Maybe it was due to the effect from the convention earlier on, but I was feeling in excellent spirits, I was laughing, joking, and I was playing at trying to steal popcorn from the 'buckets' that belonged to other people patiently waiting in line to get into the movie screen. Even the film was very pleasant, what a shame that the time to go home came so soon. We headed back to the car and as I was standing right by the car door to get in I saw that my flower was standing up, facing the door window.
It was straight up, leaning against the seat back, with the crown touching the window glass. I was paralyzed; nobody, they all swore, had moved my flower, not only that, they had already forgotten that I had had a flower with me. There was great commotion amongst us, my friend who is very skeptical about Angels completely broke down. Once I got home, I put my pink gerbera daisy in a vase with water and I put it next to my little statues of Angels and I said to my flower: 'have a good rest', and I went to sleep.
During the night the television turned itself on and I said, just like as if nothing had happened: 'My dear Guardian Angel, I know it's you trying to show me that you are close to me, but I am so tired, please let me sleep'. In the morning I got up and as I looked at the flower I felt this extreme feeling of heat in my heart while the following words from an old song flashed in my mind: 'Do you know that in a flower there is a world full of love, do you know that in your eyes there is love for you', I started singing along. Then I took the flower with me and I moved it with me into my new home where I was about to move, I still have some work to do before I move in completely, but my Angel is there already, the pink gerbera Angel
Testimonials Of Guardian Angels The Pink Gerbera Daisy The Flower And My Guardian Angel
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