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Ask Your Angel Adventure Angels Coincidences

Ask Your Angel Adventure Angels Coincidences Testimonies
Ask Your Angel Adventure Angels Coincidences : after 26 years spent working for a private junior school, I had really had enough; it was not so much because of the children, but my colleagues and the school director; especially since the arrival of the latest school director, the school had been going downhill fast, every other day there was word of closing the school down and firings, and on those days when you did not hear about it you could only hear gossips and poison everywhere; I wanted to leave, but how? I am a widower and I must support myself. I tried to take on other venues, but selling door to door is just not the kind of activity to suit my character; I was sleeping horribly and when I did sleep I kept gnawing my teeth throughout the night; so I asked a friend of mine to help me out; 'We cold try an adventure', she blurted out, 'let's ask the Angels to send us some coincidence to help us find a solution to your problem'; I was a little pessimistic, those days I only saw the bad side of things, but we set up a meeting anyway; I remember that several times during my life I had had the desire to open my own stationery shop, but then, for one reason or another, I always ignored this idea.
'It could be important', said my friend, 'Come on, let's go and ask your Angel to help us', 'yes' I answered her rather concisely, at which point she moved from the door threshold and looked at me straight in the eyes and said seriously 'Ask your Angel' and this time I really did ask him. When we left the home we noticed that some people were hanging some posters with a picture of a bird that was flying free in the sky. 'I think this is a good sign', I told her, and we smiled. In order to receive as many coincidences as possible we need to go to places where there are a lot of people, so we headed for the open market. Nothing, everything was quiet, we kept walking around the area, there were people but they were not saying anything. We decided to look at some shops to see what they were selling. And that's where the magic happened. A thought, the suggestion from the Angel and the idea was right there in front of us, wrapped up in gift paper with even a bow on top: the artist's corner.
This is the idea that changed my life in a couple of seconds. 'This idea is suggested to you by the Angel', my friend told me 'I have never thought of something like this and besides I would not even have had enough time to conjure it, in fact all I was thinking was 'look at how ugly that vase is!'
What is the artist's corner? Let me explain: it means renting out part of a shop window space, on a monthly basis, to different artists, painters, clay modelers, those working glass or metal, or chalk, etc, to bring their work and their creativity to the attention of the public, as far as purchases are concerned I would then put the interested buyers directly in touch with the artist and they would handle any purchases directly. I would offer the space for them to make themselves known. Even my husband was a painter, a really good painter, but even he sometimes had difficulty in finding a space to display his work and when he did find space it was so expensive it cost a fortune.
And so it was that on that first day we took the first step: I would open up a stationery shop with an artist's corner. Even the name for my shop came from a suggestion: I was leaving the financial assistance building where I discovered that I would be receiving 600,000 Italian lira each month for a reversal pension. 'At least I will not sleep under a bridge' I was thinking, when in my mind the word 'four-leafed clover' kept coming up, yes, 'leafed clover, as in leaves of paper, the name was perfect for a stationery shop, I looked around, nothing, I could see absolutely nothing that could or would have made me think of four-leafed clover by myself.
Even the site that I found, amid a sea of absurd prices, was what I could afford with my severance pay and when I entered it I had a very nice feeling of peace and welcoming and I realized that that was going to be my shop.
And what that day was just an idea, today it is a reality.
Of course I am tired, I work hard, I am learning and I am making some mistakes (people tell me my prices are too low) but at night now I sleep very well.
Ask Your Angel Adventure Angels Coincidences Testimonies
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