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An Unexploded Mine Testimonies Of Angels

An Unexploded Mine Testimonies Of Angels I Saw An Angel
An Unexploded Mine Testimonies Of Angels : when my dad was young he was a reckless young man; my grandmother would tell me many instances where it seemed that he really did not know the meaning of the word 'dangerous'; one day, in the countryside, he was roaming the fields when he came across an unexploded mine; many people in his place would have called the authorities, but no, not he, he took it in his hands, maybe because he was confident that nothing would happen to him and he started walking home carrying his 'trophy'; we never found out what happened exactly, but the mine did explode and my dad was severely injured as a result.
For a long time he was hanging between life and death, the doctors were initially pessimistic but eventually his body began to respond to the treatments and his life was saved. He stayed in hospital for a long time after that, and when he went home, although he was physically healthy again, he had become completely blind
He continued to live his life in the darkness, he could not even discern any shades. Then one day he was heard screaming in the dining room. 'I have seen it, I have seen it' 'What did you see?' they asked him immediately 'I saw an Angel' and he immediately described how he saw the entire room he was in 'Just like when you can see', he said, and continued to confirm that right in front of him, in the same room, he had seen an Angel. The sight only lasted a few moments and then he fell into darkness once again.
In reality, that marked the first day of the beginning of the healing process. Slowly, day by day, the darkness began to fade away to the point where my dad started seeing just like before the incident. 'It's a miracle' the doctors proclaimed in astonishment. 'It was thanks to that Angel, to that messenger of God that today I can see' replied my dad.
And this is what he is still saying when he tells people his story and this is what he will say tomorrow when he will tell his tale to his grandchildren
An Unexploded Mine Testimonies Of Angels I Saw An Angel
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