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God United Us Through Our Angels A Sign

God United Us Through Our Angels A Sign The Bells
God United Us Through Our Angels A Sign : have you ever heard bells ring while you are kissing your loved one? it happened to me, listen to this: It had been a while since Tiziana and I had started talking on the phone; she was going through a rough patch and I was trying to be close to her, despite the fact that I lived in Palermo Italy and she lived in Milan; there was nothing between us, just a deep friendship that had bonded us together a long time ago; then toward the end of July she came to visit me and we spent a few days together. In the meantime I tried to help her solve her problem, which was of a spiritual nature.
She was no longer able to fall in love. It was as if she was the victim of some black magic. For the last twelve years it had always been the same, there was always something that would go wrong and she could not explain to herself the reason why. So I contacted a friend of mine who might be able to help us in this field, and he did. She started feeling better, he told us to go to a church and to surrender our selves to God's hands.
One day we went to visit the Sanctuary of Saint Rosalia (the Saint patron of Palermo), which lies on top of a small mountain overlooking the city, also called Mount Pellegrino. It's a BEAUTIFUL place, full of peace and charming. The Sanctuary is actually inside a grotto, so we went in. There was nobody that day, just the two of us. What peace, what calm. We were happy. God was uniting us and we did not even realize it.
After a few days I received a testimonial from Sara Luce, a friend whom I thank immensely (I am happy I have met her, even if we did not have the chance to speak for very long). I wanted to read it together with Tiziana. The title already told us something: 'The touch of an Angel'. But she had gone out to visit some friends and so had I, so I waited home for her until I could and then I put the sheet on the bed and I ended up falling asleep.
When she came home she read the testimonial, but she did not say anything. The following day, in the evening, without even planning it we happened to watch a movie called 'The city of Angels'. God was uniting us and we still did not realize it!!! In short, everything we did and every place we went to always brought a sign that was saying 'what are you waiting for, you are made for each other'.
We fell in love, but neither of us had the courage to bring the subject up. We found ourselves walking along the wharf of a small town nearby, we reached the end of it and in the distance we could see the small church of the town. There were three of us in total: myself, her, and God. Our eyes were sparkling, our hearts were beating fast and. the moment we finally kissed, the Church bells started to ring. We did not immediately realize it, but then we did and we started laughing from our happiness!!!!
We had many more signs. Even now, a month later. One day we met up in a cabin in a forest. There were other people and they called us and we found ourselves praying and singing all together. It was BEAUTIFUL!!!
I could stay here for entire days telling you how many more signs God gave us and continues to give us. Now I have no more doubts. God united us through our Angels, and he is the only one who can separate us. We are happy and Tiziana and I would like to wish other people the same as what has happened to us. Thank you, Angels.
Each time Tiziana and I kiss ... we still hear the bells!!!!!
God United Us Through Our Angels A Sign The Bells
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