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My Angel is called Habashh

My Angel is called Habashh He said Listen to your Heart and your Instinct The words of your Angel
My Angel is called Habashh : before you read this new testimonial, I would like to describe our main protagonist, Carlotta; Carlotta is a girl who just turned ten, she is a very lively, exquisite and funny little girl; we met one afternoon on the chatting website Microsoft Chat Italia-Sara Luce because, together with her dad, she wanted to talk to us about her Angel.
My own Angel made me take a note pad and a pen, I did not know why, since I have a very good memory, but as it often turns out, I would find out the reason why later on. So I started the first sentence by scribbling on my note pad and this is exactly as you will read it below. I will not report our chats however I will write my questions to Carlotta before her answers.
Carlotta : 'My Angel is called Habashh'
If you want to hear the Angel, you must first be quiet and again in silence you ask your Angel to speak to you, you can speak freely with him after repeating a few questions several times.
The first thing that he said was 'listen to your heart and your instinct', sometimes he tells me off if I don't behave very well, he makes me think about my mistakes, sometimes I play with the Angel and I can feel his warmth when I dance by myself, like a hand that guides me and caresses me, I know that he is not that much bigger than me judging from the sensations that I feel.
One day the weather was bad and I was on my bed, I was afraid and I felt my skin being penetrated by a wave of warmth and I immediately felt very well, this is right after I had just had a shiver inside my heart, it's not easy to describe the thousands of small things that happen to me, they are not big things, but small, brief, warm and cuddling encounters, I hear his voice.
Here we chatted a bit because Carlotta wanted to know the name of my Angel, if I saw him, if I too had had 'small encounters' or a permanent presence and what would happen between her and her Angel when she would die.
Then I asked her 'Will you tell me about when the Angel told you off?'
Once I climbed a rusty gate and my mom did not want me to, then later the Angel told me off, affectionately, calmly, inviting me to think on what I am about to do and not to fall into that again, then he tells me stuff that is in the Gospel like loving your neighbor and that I must explain to annoying people where they go wrong. Then we started chatting away, she asked about me, of some of my experiences and I had the feeling that the computer had become a huge beating heart for it was so nice chatting with Carlotta, she told me about her and her vivacity and she asked herself if an Angel only tended to one single person or if he followed more than one person, in case the 'poor Habashh' had to look after other vivacious people like herself. Then I asked her if she remembered the first time that she met her Angel.
Three years ago, I was small, very small, I was running and I felt lonely, a gust of wind caressed my ears and I heard this voice 'Listen to your heart and your instinct' and then I felt full of joy and I started running again, although I never understood why he told me that sentence in that specific moment.
And then we continued to talk about the possible meaning of that sentence, then, by then almost two hours had elapsed, I asked her if I could share what she was telling me with other people and she answered 'Of course other people must know' and I asked her if she wanted to send you a message and she said 'Wait, I have to think about that, it's an important thing, it's difficult', and then a few moments later she began to write:
'If you listen to the words of your Angel you will really feel much better' but then her mum arrived and so we had to say good bye. But I hope that Carlotta will come again soon to visit us
My Angel is called Habashh He said Listen to your Heart and your Instinct The words of your Angel
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