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Angels I called upon my Angels

Angels I called upon my Angels and sprinkling Vibuti the Powder of Sai Baba Testimonial
Angels I called upon my Angels : it was evening and I was tired. I am a veterinarian, I had been working all day and I still had to have my shower, but first of all I had to give my cats their dinner; just like every evening, my cats had been running to greet me in the garden, they saw my car pulling in through the gate at the bottom of the road; as I pulled up and stopped the engine there were already four or five cats on the hood and the roof of my car; I had to take a few things from the car, I opened the hatch back door of my jeep renegade and I took the grocery shopping bags.
I had cats everywhere saying hello to me, they poked their little noses inside the shopping bags, sneak inside the car .. This in addition to a 50 kilogram sheep dog that was jumping all over me. I precariously grab my grocery bags, my handbag and everything else, I pull the cats out of the car, I check and I slam the hatchback door shut (very heavy door, by the way ..) and right at that time Starlight (one of my thirty cats) decides to jump on the roof and with one jump he tries to fall in my lap, and by doing that one of his paws ends up exactly between the hatchback door and the car frame just as the door is closing, his leg is trapped in and he screams like a maniac, he falls down but he is hanging from the car, the part of his leg between his wrist and his arm is now stuck inside the car, I am now in complete panic, I can already see my cat's leg being amputated, my car's hatchback door closes completely flush, which means it is a very tight fit .. Impossible not to have broken the leg, besides he was left hanging with all of his body weight, I reopen the door, all cats are running away at this point, Starlight is still screaming and my thoughts are racing, the cat falls from the car and now that he is free he runs away at lightning speed into the woods before I can try to stop him.
I can not tell you the state I was in that night while I tried to look for him with no avail, I called upon my Angels and those of my other animals asking to help him and sprinkling Vibuti all over my garden (the powder of Sai Baba) I found him the next morning, he showed up for breakfast quite happily .. No injury, no pain, he did not even limp .. Nothing ever happened.
Angels I called upon my Angels and sprinkling Vibuti the Powder of Sai Baba Testimonial
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