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After death Life after death My father Vision

After death Life after death My father A Vision After death My father is still Alive Testimonial
I would also like to tell you about my experience, which I don't think is extremely significant or easily believable, but greatly touched me: you must know that I am 24, and at 19 I lost my dad following a long illness; about a month following his death, while I was sleeping and I was having a seemingly normal dream, I saw a strong light and I found myself in a place very close to my home; it was an enclosed place, but from the window a very strong light came in, so strong it was almost unpleasant.
After a few seconds I felt someone tapping on my shoulder, and I saw my dad, dressed just like he was at his funeral, but he was very healthy, he was saying hello; for me it was all normal, we talked about everything, just like when he was alive, and I noticed that next to him there was a man, dressed in creamy white colours, with long white hair, who was overseeing our meeting; I tried to look at his face but he was also far too luminous, and my dad told me not to look at him because I would not have seen anything.
After exchanging a few more words with me, my dad approached the other man as if to ask him if the time was up, and he said yes; so my dad came to me, we said goodbye as if it was the most natural thing in the world and I saw myself sleeping from high up above my sofa; I woke up, but I remained in a state of stupor for a few minutes, I could not make out if I was awake or not. I do not believe that what I had was just a dream, because I felt completely free within it, all I know is that since then I stopped worrying for my dad, because I knew that he was still 'alive', and that he was not alone.
Title After death Life after death My father A Vision After death My father is still Alive Testimonial
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