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Angels True stories of Angels

Angels True stories of Angels Interventions of Angels An Angel Stop Violence Witness True stories
Angels True stories of Angels : I was really going through a rough patch; my relationship with my partner had changed so much I could not even fathom it; the first few months, I remember, we loved being together, smiles, joy, love, all the good things that we could ask for, then the metamorphosis, yes, sure, I did push him to change, to improve himself, to become independent of his family, to get a degree, I did not do all that because I did not like him as he was, really, but I thought that the man whom I would be with for the rest of my life needed to be independent and responsible.
I did not realize it immediately but he reacted very badly to my change attempts, but I did notice that he started criticizing me all the time, increasingly often he would yell at me, eventually we could not even manage to hold a conversation, only arguments and fighting, fighting that became more and more violent; this is how grew ever more incredulous when the first physical violence signs arrived; then he would cry, apologize, he would make promises that he would never keep and the violence continued, even more aggressive, one day I ended up in hospital, and that was it! I needed to put a stop to this, I needed to leave that man and I resolved to do just that.
We lived together and we had bought many things together but when we separated, so much for his 'we are civilized people' comment, as would he usually say, what actually happened is that he wanted to take everything with him leaving me with only the useless or broken stuff.
It had not been a long time since I had started communicating with my Angel for his help or protection, but sometimes the anger that I felt for that man and for myself was so strong that I could only see red.
On one of those occasions I took a large metal spear and I tore a gash in the gasket of the receptacle of the washing machine, which he had not yet taken away. Yes, revenge! The first time he would use it, his home would be flooded. Then I told a friend of mine who knew my whole story about the washing machine, and she suggested I have the machine repaired, as she feared for my own safety. Maybe she was right.
I asked my Angel for help, was I going to be in danger again? In the end I decided to call a repairman who arrived soon after that, he was a young man, friendly and smiling, I was ashamed to tell him what happened to the washing machine, so I made up a lie while he was looking at me, always with calm eyes.
He put his hand inside the washing machine receptacle, he made it spin, then checked, and then he looked at me and said 'but there is nothing wrong with the gasket'; How could it be, I remember perfectly the rage with which I perforated the rubber and the anger with which I cut it and the taste of revenge, and now there was nothing.
He saw my surprise and still smiling he suggested 'If you like we can load it up with water, if there is a cut somewhere, there will be a leak; so he loads it with water, rinse cycle, nothing, everything was perfect. That's when I told the repairman, 'Oh well, at the very least I must pay you for the call out charge'.
'Don't worry about it' he replied 'If you really want to, one day when you are in the neighborhood you can drop the payment at the shop' he said, winking at me, then he had a good laugh and he left. I am still left wondering: who repaired the washing machine?
Angels True stories of Angels Interventions of Angels An Angel Stop Violence Witness True stories
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