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World of the Angels Help from Guardian

World of the Angels Help from Guardian Angels Hope from the Angels Manifestations of Guardian Angels
World of the Angels Help from Guardian : sometimes our needs are so strong to make us underestimate the consequences of our own actions; we are eager to make important decisions in our lives based only on a 'let's hope for the best', and with a shallow 'if things don't work out, we will just end up this relationship'; things not always work out well, and this is what this story is about; a few years ago I met a young girl, friendly, sweet, always happy, full of life; she is a foreign citizen and, like many other foreigners, since she arrived in Italy at the age of 8 she has been working very hard for miserly wages; when we would meet we would spend time laughing and joking on the 'hunting techniques', referring to the different ways to get to know and seduce men; after a while though this girl began to complain that no Italian man wanted to settle with her with a stable relationship, often she had the feeling that she was only sought out for sex or to be a shoulder to cry on 'I have much more serious problems than he does, can't he see it?' and this is how year after year the boyfriends changed but the story never did.
That's when he came in the scene, he declared himself completely in love with her, he would not leave her alone for one minute, he 'accompanied' her to her work place and he would accompany her even in the small hours (because she really did work all hours of the day and night); and he became increasingly jealous, he started to forbid her from visiting her friends, both male or female, as well as her family members. She needed to be loved so much that she mistook clear signs of madness for 'great love'.
He was always there, even when he should not have been, he told her lies about his own private life, his job, his salary, but she did not want to see it. So after a three-month long engagement, they married and after seven months of marriage he committed suicide following a fit where he assaulted her and severely beat her up. She had been distancing herself from everybody, including us, but when we found out what had happened, we immediately ran to her.
So much pain, she kept asking herself 'why?, why?'; she felt guilty, what did she do? Why did her husband kill himself? Her only fault was to have married a man she did not really know just for the sake of being loved. Incidentally, us friends, Italian, had to protect her from the accusations even from her late husband's family and we tried to help her assert her rights as his wife.
That is how that morning I had promised her to take her to her late husband's work place to see if they could help her find a job (and maybe some money, since he had managed to spend all of my friend's savings in the meantime). So I got up at six in the morning, an ungodly hour for me, but I wanted to do this for her. I was truly worried for her.
If I could help her in any way, I would. So I got up at six (I did not sleep well that night for fear of not hearing the alarm), I went to the kitchen and I turned on the gas stove to heat a saucepan full of milk, the coffee was already prepared in the caffettiera; I was home alone (or so it seemed!).
When the milk was hot I poured it into the bowl and I was trying to motivate myself to go and wash my face right then, - I can pour the coffee when I am done - and I left the kitchen; ten minutes later I went back, I looked at the bowl and I was frozen with astonishment: in my bowl there was a cappuccino. How was that possible?!?!? - I asked myself; I looked at the milk container but the milk was snow white. So I smiled 'Thank you Angels' I said out loud, then I took the coffee pot and I added a little more coffee to it 'You know, my Angels, I like it a with a little more coffee'. I was very happy as I drank my cappuccino, the Angels were watching over the situation.
World of the Angels Help from Guardian Angels Hope from the Angels Manifestations of Guardian Angels
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