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Angelic Occurrence In the night

Angelic Occurrence In the night An Angel gived us Protection and comfort Angelic Occurrence Story
Angelic Occurrence In the night : I went to watch the concert of the 'Cure' at the Palazzetto dello Sport together with a friend of mine, she is from Germany and she is the same age as me; on the way there we took the bus and we hoped that we would meet someone to offer us a lift back, I guess Guccini would call it 'youth's recklessness'; the concert finished very late, about one in the morning, and we had not met anybody.
We did not know what to do, on top of that I felt responsible for my friend who was my guest in Rome. At one point it began to rain. We were alone and desperate, we turned down an offer of a lift from some loud men, and they looked completely unreliable, if not even ill intentioned. All of a sudden a white car pulls up, a lady is driving it and she offers us a lift.
The lady is a tall woman, blonde, her hair in a French bob hairstyle, dressed in white, an androgen figure, just like that of a possible angel. The interior of the car was lined with deep sea blue velvet, my friend and I had this great feeling of wellness, of comfort, of protection, we had the feeling we were inside a cloud.
There was soft background music, very soothing, it seemed the type of music that some would eventually end up calling 'New Age'. The situation was now completely reversed, from negative it became positive and beautiful. We asked the lady what she did for a living, she told us that she was a representative for a company that sold fabric, albeit she was a little vague about it. She accompanied us all the way to our doorstep and then she left.
Over the years - Rosa explains - various readings confirmed that it could very possibly have been an angelic occurrence precisely because it took place in a situation of need and possible danger.
Angelic Occurrence In the night An Angel gived us Protection and comfort Angelic Occurrence Story
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