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World of the Angels My Angel sent me firefly

World of the Angels My Angel sent me a firefly World of the Angels Manifestations of Love Experience
World of the Angels My Angel sent me a firefly : sometimes Angels engage the help from other creatures (people or animals) to help us understand our problems or help us reflect; what I am about to tell you happened to me in May of last year; for a few days I had been reflecting on 'gratitude'; it was a period where I felt as if everybody needed me, to do doing something for them, to help them, which I did, but as the days went on I felt more and more tired, almost 'drained' of my energy; what did I need? what did I want in exchange? did I want something in return? yes, I felt the desire for something in return, but what? what would bring my energy back? and so I kept thinking, and thinking some more, and reflecting.
That evening I was sitting on the window sill of my kitchen facing the garden; it was raining, large drops of water were falling on the already flooded pavement; without knowing why I got up and I looked toward a beautiful maple tree in my neighbor's garden which at that time of the year is the home of quite a few fireflies. I certainly did not expect any fireflies to be flying right then since it was raining heavily, but I did see one of them fly away from the tree and make its way toward me. 'If one of these drops falls on it, it will fall on the ground' I was musing worried, so I made a point of watching it fly.
The firefly flew across my neighbour's garden, into my own garden and just as it arrived in front of my window, SPLASH, a big rain drop hit it and as it fell into a puddle it started struggling to remain afloat. In a flash I ran to the kitchen, I grabbed some alluminium paper and I walked outside in the rain and I scooped up the firefly, I let the water drain away and I looked at the firefly, it was sitting there, motionless.
'I wonder if it's too late', I thought and I started to talk to it, and then TIC, TIC, TIC, the little light flashed more and more frequently and intensely; it was safe and strong, good. I kept watching it for a few more minutes then I put it on top of a small furniture piece, still on the aluminum paper, sheltered from the rain 'This way you can fly off again when you are ready', I gave the firefly a name as I said goodbye 'Goodnight Lucille'. I was happy, I had saved a little animal.
The following evening I went into the garden again and I was thinking 'I wonder how Lucille is doing' and I saw a little light coming closer, heading straight for me 'Is it you, Lucille?' I thought, and when the firefly was right in front of me I spread out my hand and the firefly landed on it, it glowed a few times and then it started flying around my hands 'It's not possible' I told myself 'It can't be! How can such a small animal remember what happened the night before?' I was speechless, but this is what it seemed like. I was sitting down and Lucille continued to walk or rest on my hands. I took the alluminium paper once again and I put it on the furniture 'Goodnight Lucille'. The night after that she came straight to the windowsill and it sat there, stationary, and glowing.
There are some who have a guard dog, I once had a guard cat (which had been trained by the dog next door) now, that I no longer had a cat, I had a guard firefly. But only for two more days. Originally the idea seemed amusing to me but then my mind went back to what I had been reflecting upon, which is gratitude, and I thought about what was happening from this perspective. Wasn't this after all what I was looking for from those people whom I was helping, gratitude, maybe devotion, realization of the concept 'help me once and I will follow you forever?' No, that was definitely not what I was looking for because that would mean relinquishing one's liberty, the absolute priority for me, yes, all I was looking for was a simple 'thank you', just a thank you and nothing more, so often we forget to say this brief but nourishing word, 'thank you'. 'Go free Lucille, go back to flying free' and so it was, the following days the firefly showed up again at the window, it glowed for a couple of seconds and then it would fly away, into the gardens.
Sara Luce
World of the Angels My Angel sent me a firefly World of the Angels Manifestations of Love Experience
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