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Angels don't have wings Experiences

Angels don't have wings Experiences of Angels Near to me in the grocery store Stories of Angels
Angels don't have wings Experiences : that day there were very few people in the grocery store; as it was my usual, I was running hurriedly to and from the various department in the store, angry at everybody and everything: my much loved son had just died a few months prior and I had began to close up to the world and to things, in order to be able to survive; I was choosing which bread to buy, the prepackaged type used to make toast, when I heard a female voice behind me saying 'Is that bread good?'.
'Look - I said with my usual unpleasant tone - this type, which is always very fresh, is not too bad'.
'I don't know which one to take!'
'Of course you will need to look at the expiry date'
'Sure, sure.'
I don't know how but after this simple exchange of words we found ourselves standing in front of each other, she, a modest looking old lady with a skirt and a woolly top, her gray hair tied back, she looks deeply in the eyes and says 'May you obtain what you desire'. I looked away embarrassed and perplexed, while the old lady vanished behind me. By the time I realized that people don't usually speak to you in a grocery store, let alone exchange pleasantries, such a sentence was completely out of the norm.
I immediately turned around to face her again thinking, 'What kind of a thing to say this is.' But she was not there. NOBODY. I replayed that scene in my head many times, going over every single detail. The old lady did not have a shopping cart, did not wear a coat, did not have a bag, she did not even end up buying the bread, all around us, while we were talking there were no people at all.. And one thing that I had been truly wishing for did come true.
Today, years after that encounter, when I go to the grocery stores I am kindly towards all other shoppers: who knows, maybe one of them is another messenger Angel.
Angels don't have wings Experiences of Angels Near to me in the grocery store Stories of Angels
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