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After Death Experiences of Life After Death

After Death Experiences of Life After Death Testimonials Looking for a ride A Lady Afterlife Stories
After Death Experiences of Life After Death : I was on holiday with friends in Santa Caterina dello Jonio and one evening we decided to go to the town of Catanzaro to see a concert of the singer Battiato. It was a happy and fun evening for us.
At the end of the concert we decided to head to Catanzaro's main train station, which is at the other end of town from the stadium. I had started to suffer from a mild headache, and it was gradually getting worse.
When we reached the station someone in our group proposed to we and eat freshly baked croissants at a local bakery, it was 4 in the morning and I did not feel like joining them as my headache had become unbearable by then. I decided to stay put in the station so that the rest of the group could go, I just wanted to be alone. About half an hour after the group had left I decided to hitch a ride back to our camping site.
There are about 30 kilometers between Catanzaro and our camping site. As soon as I stuck my arm out looking for a ride, a dark BMW pulled up, it was a very powerful car. I bent down to look at the driver and I noticed a blond lady dressed all in white inviting me to get in. As soon as I sat in the car I was overwhelmed by a feeling of well being, which I attributed to my tiredness. The trip back to the site with that lady was completely peaceful, right now I don't remember what we talked about but the atmosphere was so peaceful and luminous that to date I still feel nostalgic about not being able to experience such beautiful feelings anymore.
I felt as if a cloud was transporting me by a celestial peace. I vividly remember that every time we drove under some bridge along the way, I would read the following graffiti on the walls: GOD LOVES YOU. Once we got to the camping site I thanked her and promised her that I would go and look for her to try and repay her for the favor she did that night. Oh, I nearly forgot, I also remember that she told me she was the owner of a camping site about 2 kilometers from where I was staying. The following day, together with my friends, I went to her camping site and when I asked for her the answer I received was that she had died in a car accident two years prior. You can not imagine my astonishment and the incredulity that overcame me in that moment.
To date I still ask myself 'Who was it that gave me that ride that summer night?' Whoever it was, she made me experience one of those moments that I will remember for the rest of my life.
After Death Experiences of Life After Death Testimonials Looking for a ride A Lady Afterlife Stories
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