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The Prayer Answers from the Sky About Prayer

The Prayer Answers from the Sky About The Prayer How To Do It God Father's Answer
The Prayer Answers from the Sky About Prayer : hello dear friend, you know that sometimes I need to contact you, to hear your voice; listen, Sara, since you are in verbal contact with God I would like to ask for your help about 'how to ask the heaven', I have a hope (a dream) I would like to ask about, but I'm not sure to know how to do it.
A kiss, Maria
The Father's answer
I listen to every child that is talking to me, from his/her heart, about Love.
Let me explain.
You send me your questions in many different ways. There are sweet creatures of mine that think about me, this Father, and from their hearts they light up with Love, because they know that I am close to them, and they feel that I am always here for all of you, and this Love turns on inside their hearts, and through this Love, if they need something, they talk to me as if I was a person like them. I listen to this message immediately.
There are some other creatures of mine, that think at me as I am far away, and they pray for hours even, with their rosary, until they feel that they prayed sufficiently, and then they ask me what they need. They need so much, but they feel unworthy so they believe they will remove many gaps through their prayers. Sometimes people talk to me for a moment, venting more than having a conversation with me, but I always listen and I see that it is really difficult for them to think that I am always available.
Other creatures think that I can listen to them only in some particular sites, and because of that, they go to some places, to get close to me and talk to me.
Some others think that many situations can happen by my will, so they don't really pray but they ask to intercede for the change.
What you don't know, my dears, is that I really listen to everybody, wherever you are, whichever aid you may need to make yourselves at ease to talk to your Father; always remember that whenever I feel that you are calling me, I am with you.
This is the reason why, my dear Maria, you only need to call me and I will be listening to you; you decide the right moment, I am always with you. Then, ask me by your heart, I will always listen with attention and be sure that, if it is something good and right for you, I will help you.
A kiss Maria
your Father
The Prayer Answers from the Sky About The Prayer How To Do It God Father's Answer
The Prayer Answers from the Sky About The Prayer
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