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Ghosts Answers From the Sky About Ghosts

Ghosts Answers From the Sky About Ghosts Photos of Ghosts God Father's Answer
Ghosts Answers From the Sky About Ghosts : my sweet Father, I am your Sara Luce, listen to me please, Claudio Pisani from www.ampupage.eu invited me to visit his web site, where he published photos of ghosts, he would like me to give my opinion.
Father, I visited that website and I read the articles, but I can only say about my feelings, nothing more. Can you - or who you choose - tell about this ghosts stuff?
The Father's answer
About this ghosts matter: first of all, let's shed light on it. What is a ghost? Energy. What is energy? particles emanated by the body. Bodies are made of energy and give off energy. Sometimes the energy concentration sets a certain compactness to it and what is decisive in a physical body is specifically the concentration of energy. With death, some of the energy detaches from the body - your Soul - and the compressed energy stays and it's expressed in the shape of the physical body that you are seeing.
In that moment, the physical stops giving off energy, while your Soul continues to do so. For this reason, ghost matters are not the result of the physical body, but the result of the Soul energy.
At this point you will ask yourself: those ghosts that are so scary in our mind, why do they exist? can every Soul show itself like a ghost? Listen, now I want to explain this particular matter.
Every Soul has the possibility to become visible by concentrating its energy to various levels until it reaches a good level of solidity, but this appearance must have a meaning. This is important, its meaning level. And you give that meaning. When one of your loved ones has left, you would like to touch him/her again, to hold him, to see him, to kiss him, within his/her physical body, and this is the meaning that you show, you would like to hug him/her again, giving all your Love. No other meaning other than sending your love to your dear ones one more time. Despite the important meaning, there are many fears: you could be scared, you could think that your loved one is not resting in Peace, you could think that a ghost wants to get revenge on you or that it wants to revolt against any events that happened during your life together, and many other fears. On the other hand there are many hearts that, while looking for this meaning, do not have many fears and this condition allows this Soul the possibility to concentrate its energy to a sweet level of not so much a material appearance, but like a slight contour in a way that will give you the idea of a physical body while still remaining far away from an actual material concentration.
Looking at your pictures now, it seems to me, that the concentrations is possible on the photo, because in the meaning of the people who loved her there was a suspicion; they suspected that - given the events that determined her death - not only that woman's body but also her Soul could have been marred; and this photo, I would say it is perfect, points out that the Soul, the body of light, is always perfect.
In the meantime, the other photo, the one under the girl, I am sorry to say it is not real, it has been retouched with a computer, because that woman thought that her daughter was trapped inside that coffin, so there wasn't any meaning. This is my lesson to help you guide you in understand what is true and what is not true inside certain phenomena. Only the meaning, always the Love, gives the possibility for an event to be true or not.
A sweet kiss
Your Father
Ghosts Answers From the Sky About Ghosts Photos of Ghosts God Father's Answer
Ghosts Answers From the Sky About Ghosts
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