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To Get In Contact With The Other World

To Get In Contact With The Other World Answers From The Sky About Contact Afterlife
To Get In Contact With The Other World : hi Sara, I am Federica, we met (by email) when I received your beautiful book 'Messages from Jesus Christ'. I would like to meet you in person, but I live too far away from you; I have a question for the Heaven, for God, if you can do it, if you think it is good; over the last four years I lost a dear friend of mine in a car accident, my father - whom I love so much and miss a lot - and last but not least my brother-in-law, whom I love as a brother; all of them left a big void in my life, I love them all as if they were all still here beside me, and I ask: 'is it possible and right to communicate with them in the new dimension they are in now?
The Father's answer
My sweet Federica, here is the Father answering, because your heart needs to hear the answer to this question from me. As I your Father, and you as my children - as you love me, and as I love you - I don't agree for us to be separated. Even if to you, my dear ones, it may appear as if you do not feel our presence, this does not mean that we are not present; on the contrary, we are very much present in your life, my beloved children; our presence can put steady Love inside your hearts, emotions of hope, and every emotion that can help you, while you are walking that hard path that is called 'Life' on hearth. If you don't seem to see us, it doesn't translate into our absence but steady presence to help you.
This presence, my dear Federica, exists ins answer to a need to help you with this great Love; this Love that once released on the way to your 'God's dimension' - as you call it -, becomes more and more intense, because it's in touch with The Love, our Love, my Love, and this way it shines. This strong feeling, my dear, allows the existence (with my help) of a presence by means of sound, sight, through your hearing, my dear ones. And there are many of these contacts, also inside your dreams, and they answer to that contact of Love that exists between you and us, to send you Love, relief, knowledge, attestation of truth. And this contact highlights - involving your senses - the Love touch that survives constantly, even after the body dies.
I told you all about this subject, to allow myself to answer you: wherever Love is, there is also a presence of Love, and every contact driven by Love is allowed. If there are contacts, generated by brothers with other kinds of feelings, I can assure you that that contacts won't be with Love, but they will take place by utilizing certain energies. The event, the expression, will take place, but that expression is caused by human beings and not by the Heaven. I have always given you freedom, also freedom in making mistakes. It's up to you to accept this education and keeping away from similar manifestations. As far as our Heaven is concerned, only Love predominates here, the contact is only through Love, and anything that may be sent from there can only be Love.
The contacts are only by The Love, and all that will be sent is Love. In this message, my dear, in these words, if you are listening your heart while you are reading and letting words and phrases flow, it's your experience hearing the Father talking to you with much warmth, sweetness, Love and this is because, while I am answering you - by dictating this letter -, I have a very sweet Love for you in my heart; for this daughter of mine, who is asking me if her loved ones are fine. From my heart I can tell you that they are very well indeed, because Paradise is the place where your Souls can express themselves totally, within a feeling of complete freedom, and this freedom, the freedom to proclaim your Love at every moment, allows you to be very happy.
I want to give you another answer. Thoughts... every sweet idea about what you think happiness is, is all but a very minor concept if compared to the real happiness you feel when you free yourselves from your physical bodies, it's a happiness that you can then carry with you on earth, adding hope to the hearts of the ones you love - so they can hope for that same happiness as yours.
I conclude my speech. As your Father, I would like for you to feel the same happiness that I feel all around me right now, in the existence on earth, but this can only happen if you free your Love on earth too. There is no difference inside your hearts between the time you live on the earth, and the time you have freed yourselves from your physical body, Love in the heart is the same, it's freedom. Freedom to always express yourself from your heart, freedom that you don't allow yourself on earth, freedom that you do allow yourselves here with me. Happiness is freedom to express your feelings from your heart.
Did you like my letter, my dear Federica? I talked to you from my heart, totally free, take example from your Father.
While I hug you I flood you with Love.
Your Father
To Get In Contact With The Other World Answers From The Sky About Contact Afterlife
To Get In Contact With The Other World
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