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Where Is The Other World Answers

Where Is The Other World Answers From The Sky About The Other Side God Father Answer
Where Is The Other World Answers : hi Sara, I would like to ask to the Father who is in Heaven, where is the Other World and if there are bloomed fields and paths. Thank you,
A big big hug, Iva
The Father's answer
Existence continues in the Other World, just like on earth, at the same time. The Other World is like earth, from a physical point of view. But it's wonderful, because in it we can see all those shades that the human eyes can't see. Sweet Iva, yes, there are open-ended fields; mountains, in front of you, that are so big; there are plants and the best smelling flowers; there are rivers and waterfalls; lakes, from the smaller ones to the bigger ones; and the sea, of course the sea too. This is the description of Heaven, by a physical point of view; then, there are lots of animals and many Souls that walk and move through their thought. Many Souls pray and help people. We exist both in the Sky and on earth at the same time, and moving between different dimensions is easy for all of us. Through our thought we can move to earth, through thought we can go back to Heaven. Thought, we only need thought.
Earth and our Sky exist at the same time; you live, we live.
On earth, you belong to the physical world; we in the Sky belong to the Home of the Father so we join you with our thought.
The Other World is a reality, a veil that covers the whole universe, gathered around those planets that host you. These planets are Sky and planet at the same time, and we can move among the worlds.
This is the answer to your question, my sweet Iva, and it is the answer to all your sisters and brothers who would like to know more and more.
I hug your heart saying good bye,
your Father from the Sky
Where Is The Other World Answers From The Sky About The Other Side God Father Answer
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