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Selfishness Answers From The Sky

Selfishness Answers From The Sky About Selfishness God Father's Answer On Selfishness
Selfishness Answers From The Sky : hi Sara, I'm Maria Bonaria, I haven't written to you in a while, after my mother's death I felt, and I am still feeling, lost; actually work is scarce, and I'm often desperate, the only work I got was going to a clinic to tend to an old lady who was dying, she died last Saturday while I was there, holding her hand and it was like I was 'helping her leave' this world; exactly like I did with my mother only two months ago, that's a coincidence!
Now I am still adrift, I asked everyone for help, but nobody actually called me.
I would like to ask to the Father if it's right to endure such a pain to help others, to give up - something that I did naturally and was happy to do - a normal life, like I have already written to you about, to commit myself to my mother, and then not having any right to go on living. Maybe those people who 'park' old people in a rest home without any sacrifice, maybe just visiting them on Sundays: but at least they preserve their own lives. What I got from this experience is just a sentence, 'you have been good' ... they tell me!!! But I need to eat and pay the bills too... Can you ask the Father for me why selfish people have the best from their life and why people who give up their life for others are left with a whole lot of nothing ?
I feel humbled when I go to ask for a job, I feel like I'm begging, they look at me like an odd one out, 'I can't promise anything'... they say, ok, but the energy company or my creditors don't care if 'I have been good'... and I don't have a job!
Sorry if I gave vent to my problems but I feel really low ... hugs!
The Father's answer
My dear Maria Bonaria, selfishness doesn't pay off even on earth, and certainly not in Heaven. If I look around I see happy faces but sadness in their hearts; when a heart, at its last minute, realizes how little Love it gave while on the earth, I can assure you that the first thing they want to do is to come back, and repair what was done. If on earth Love is something you choose to give, here in Heaven it is the most natural thing, here you are surrounded by Love and the hearts give it naturally.
Dear Maria Bonaria, about paying the bills, I'm helping you by suggesting to these people to help you out with your work and, I can assure you, I'm urging on. But in your heart it is written about Love that you gave, about you raising your children, about the many troubles that took you far away from Me, but it is written about Love that you gave when you were in trouble too. And this is very important because I know that, one day, happiness will be in your heart and on your face.
Maria Bonaria, don't follow people that don't give Love, you are an example in giving Love, selfishness is a big mistake, it leaves a footprint of failure in the hearts for so many years; help your sisters and brothers in showing your example at giving Love; helping them could be your task.
Sweetness, my sweet creature, I'm near you to hug you.
Your Father
Selfishness Answers From The Sky About Selfishness God Father's Answer On Selfishness
Selfishness Answers From The Sky
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