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Coma Answers From The Sky About Coma

Coma Answers From The Sky About Coma To Get Out Of A Coma The Father's Answer
Coma Answers From The Sky About Coma : hi, it's Maria Bonaria again, I have one more question to the Heaven; why is it so difficult to get out of a coma? my sister has been in a coma for a year now and she doesn't seem to give any signs, is it true that they could be the ones who don't want to come back? would our prayers be useful in helping wake my sister up? thank you and a big hug
The Father's answer
A coma is a like a state of a limbo. Many signs of life are still present, but the body isn't strong enough to live.
In the meantime, the Soul experiments. Experiments the approach of the operators who take care of the person, experiments the feelings of those people who go to visit him/her.
But the weakness is within the body, my dear.
How to help them?
There are many Souls that, when pushed by great motivation, reach a possibility for healing from the inside of their own body, these wakening signs can be attributed to the Soul's restlessness, suffering because of its powerlessness, so this Soul starts to wish so deeply to go back to life, as to overcome their weakness while enabling every part of the body to wake up.
These very motivated Souls not only need prayers but also stimulation from the people they love, who can activate in them a great desire for life.
Other Souls, like your sister, also wish to come back to start again, but they can't find enough strength to kick-start their bodies. I am always next to all of you, but it is necessary to have an important motivating force. For example, to stimulate her you could tell her about any sweet memories she may have. And you could tell her about what is happening, that her help is needed. You could talk to her and update her on a passion that she may have, and instilling in her the desire to take up her passions again. Reading about passions, listening to passions, and then there are people, talk about people who are alive, people she loves and people she loved, remind her often that she has the power bring about her awakening. And let's hope that all of this will be sufficient to create an extremely strong motivation to life.
As I told you, I am close to you, and I will add my words to your words. However, this strong motivation must be channeled on the Earth. I can reassure her about her opportunity to gain control of her body again and decided how much her body can recover following her immobility, this is my promise, but do try - all of you - to create, through your words and sounds and your emotions, this great, great motivation.
I hug you, my dear
Your Father
Coma Answers From The Sky About Coma To Get Out Of A Coma The Father's Answer
Coma Answers From The Sky About Coma
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