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Relationship Of Dependence Answers

Relationship Of Dependence Answers From The Sky About Unrewarding Relationship Angel's Answers
Relationship Of Dependence Answers : why do so many people go on living in relationships where they are dependent on the other person, or live in unrewarding relationships, or even painful relationships, and even though they are aware of it, they can't back out of their negative ties?
The Angel's answer
Over time, my Giovanna, I learnt a lot while observing you. During my long Life, I gave Love to many creatures that God put into my hands. And I experienced dependence too, including those painful relationships that dragged my protected ones, and this experience is what I would like to talk about, to you and to everybody.
Pain is not the first feeling that you feel in your heart. Love for your beloved is the first feeling. It often coincides with a desire for happiness, happiness that has often been disappointed by previous relationships, a desire often been put aside by life problems, often unaware of the fact that it's a desire in the first place.
This search for happiness brings people to look at the other person, as a person who hasn't given to the others what, for example, people think is a profusion of his/her heart, and in the meantime a search continues with hope for richness in the relationship, your relationship.
You are beginning to notice that all of this is taking place inside the person who is looking for happiness, and the reality of the other person's heart is not really present in the equation.
This pursuit of happiness can lead people to think that they finally found the white knight or the princess they had always been looking for, and the relationship starts. And so do the problems, problems just like many other problems, but inside the heart these problems seem to indicate a personal inadequacy, instead of suggesting problems concerning the person they are related to, and that person's heart. And so people start struggling with a feeling of unworthiness, a feeling that something is missing, feelings of being of no value, and these feelings burst into jealousy towards people this person used to interact with, as well as those with whom he/she is interacting in the present.
If through all of this turmoil there is no help in understanding the truth, looking at that heart and what that heart is really saying, time will bring much pain and suffering, because with chronic undermining of oneself, the heart weakens, becoming too weak to look at the truth.
As Angels we do everything possible to indicate every element of truth to our protected ones, but inside your heart, also our suggestions lose strength; other sweet sisters and brothers also try to help our protected ones along with us, but the respect for people's own choices is with us, Angels, and inside you, you protected ones who are helping them.
However, this sweet opportunity that I have to talk to you, through the "questions to the Heaven", allows us to be able to help in a new way, and with all my heart I hope that a brother who is unhappy in his relationship, can receive these words and think very seriously about the life he is going to live.
A big "thanks", my Giovanna. I thank you in the name of all the Angels that are busy helping right now.
An Angel
Relationship Of Dependence Answers From The Sky About Unrewarding Relationship Angel's Answers
Relationship Of Dependence Answers
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