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Mentally Impaired People Answers From The Sky

Mentally Impaired People Answers From The Sky About Person's Disability Father Answer
Mentally Impaired People Answers From The Sky : why do mentally impaired children come to life, what is their assignment within the divine Love project, are they a punishment or a gift to their family, is this a matter of Karma?
The Father's answer
My adored children, Giovanna's question lets me voice my pain for the many creatures who live abandoned to themselves, or locked in centres, or worse than that, preyed upon because of their handicap. How much pain is in those hearts, who feel themselves different from others, castaways, guilty of being outside the norm.
Can't your normality manage to see through the other person's disability?
Children, they are all my children, you are all my children, normal children as well as children with mental handicaps, or a physical handicap, everybody, all of you are my children.
The body is not linked with the past, karma is not linked; the body is the product of your bodies and as I pointed out many times the body is what creates the shell, the case that will host the Soul who decided to incarnate.
Just like your body can't get a sense of a gamete, or of the moment when the cell division happens, or of how it takes place, the same way your bodies can produce alterations within their unawareness. The outcome of these variations will be known later, and there is little time to prepare to welcome an imperfect body containing a perfect heart. However, the decision made in this Paradise is always a conscious one; that Soul is aware of the imperfection and accepts his growth path if it is compatible with the imperfection. Those are Souls that want to take on the challenge of being inside a handicapped body amongst normal bodies, to be helpful to their brothers, to make them notice the hearts, not the seemingly perfect-looking bodies; in the meantime, they are Souls that renounce their needs and their motivations to a life of dignity, and bring to each one of you the concept of sharing space, sharing of an existence and, most importantly, respect amongst each one of you.
Life with an handicap is very complicated, hard, but often it was specifically chosen with the purpose of experimenting the great power of the heart over all aspects of your materiality. I will end my speech here, by inviting all of your brothers who have a disability to be a testimony, before you, of the wonderful hearts that they possess, inundating with Love every brother they meet, and through their sweet Love promoting reflection for those brothers who believe that normality means being masters of your bodies as opposed to masters of your hearts.
A great immense kiss to everyone of you, creatures that struggle everyday to be normal.
And a big kiss to all those children of mine, who prove that disability only exists inside the heart, a disability to Love.
Your Father
Mentally Impaired People Answers From The Sky About Person's Disability Father Answer
Mentally Impaired People Answers From The Sky
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