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Euthanasia And Therapeutic Obstinacy Answers

Euthanasia And Therapeutic Obstinacy Answers From The Heaven About Euthanasia
Euthanasia And Therapeutic Obstinacy Answers : why is it that on this earth a person must live in agony for a long time, in a coma or in a vegetative state, wouldn't euthanasia be the best choice in cases like these, what is the aim of so much pain, is it useful to the person who is ill, or to his/her relatives, is it always a karmic matter or are they mysteries nobody can answer - at least, in this life?
The Father's answer
I already told you, that your Father of the Sky doesn't want suffering, suffering with no purpose; I also told you that, when a Soul has abandoned all hope to heal again, when he/she has no other alternative other than suffering, he/she asks me to come back spontaneously, and I receive him/her immediately, and I immediately heal the pain that struck the Soul while their body was suffering.
Because of this reason, I want you to always think that if a sweet Soul, at any time of his/her physical suffering, forwards his or her prayer to me, I respond immediately.
At this point, it should be clear that only that Soul can ask me to come back, and that Soul has all the time that is needed, to decide to talk to me or to wait for any news.
On the subject of therapeutic obstinacy, I already answered this for you. I told you that the Sky is contrary to therapeutic obstinacy. I mean that therapeutic obstinacy is to force a brother of yours to submit to a certain operation if the results, the chance to improve, is not major than 30% of the possibilities.
And I tell you why.
Imagine the condition of that specific brother, he knows what it means to have a disease, he already underwent every possible operation without any success, despite this his illness continued. Suddenly, another brother suggests a new operation to him, it will almost always be a surgery. The chance of success is really quite low, "Shall we try?", he brings hope in that Soul's heart and in his relatives' souls too.
But the body already suffered a lot, and it is weak. Do you think that a surgery can conclude in a positive way, starting from a body that is already weak? Many people look back in anger at that opportunity, and at the doctor who gave hope, better to die in harmony, surrounded by our own loved ones, instead of expiring in a operating room.
This is the easiest comment I hear from you children, and you are totally right, through the hands, suddenly, the transit can be felt, leaving your hands to take my hands or my Angels' hands, Heaven is waiting for you, as a Father I am waiting for your sweet return and ... how much happiness there is in passing from your hands to our hands, you will see this happiness, one day.
Sara is saying that I haven't answered about euthanasia yet, unvoiced answer, I already told you that when a Soul feels ready, he/she calls me from his/her heart and I come immediately. Always respect - as I do - a Soul's decision, when he/she will be ready, he/she will call me.
The words pronounced through a person's mind are not the truth, they do not express the real intent, but it's from the heart that every sweet Soul calls me from, and this is the real opportunity, regardless of the person's religion, even if he/she doesn't believe in me. Inside your heart, I told you many times, only the truth can live, and your Father's presence inside your heart is always truth.
Finally, I hug you, my Giovanna, my sweet children
Euthanasia And Therapeutic Obstinacy Answers From The Heaven About Euthanasia
Euthanasia And Therapeutic Obstinacy Answers
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