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Christmas Message Wonderful Opportunity

Christmas Message Wonderful Opportunity Answer From The Sky About Christmas Messages
Christmas Message Wonderful Opportunity : hi Sara, I am Roberta and I already had the pleasure of writing to you several times; I want to thank you, again, because these messages from the House of our Father are a wonderful opportunity, a constant motivating force that is beginning to become awareness; how awesome; a few years ago, at Christmas time, I wrote an Angelic letter, and it was pure love for me, and I gave it to as many people I knew as possible, to make sure such a great love energy like would not be wasted, and that these letters could light up the love that was asleep in the hearts of my fellow travelers.
All of that had been done following to a huge rush of Love, when I was printing them and putting them in envelopes, my heart was sizzling with joy
This year I decided to do the same with a new message, and to put the letter in the letterbox of random people in my village; how wonderful it would be to play again the Love postman for my friends.
This morning, at the market, I bumped into a person whom I had given the Angelic letter to, and that person told me: "Roberta, you know, I sent that letter to my relatives in Tuscany, and they did the same; how much love has been put into action!"
Sara, this event gave me the motivation to be more assertive so, today I went into your website to find the words that I could use to send this year.
I saw the section "Questions to the Heaven", and I decided it would be a good idea to ask you for the message to send this year to my loved relatives, and to my loved strangers.
I hope, very much, that our Christmas message will arrive, and that it will allow me to experiment myself again, as the postman of love; how awesome!
Thanks Sara, as usual, for your availability, to make these exchanges possible; they make me feel fireworks in the heart; how awesome!
Many kisses, again.
The Angel's answer
Merry Christmas
It is with great pleasure that, today, I extend to you my wish for the Holy Christmas.
Beside you, there is me, your Angel, and what you are about to listen are really my words, told to your heart.
Knowing that, in the world, I am next to you is not a surprise to you, but now listening to me while I am talking to you is the surprise that I want to give you for this Holy Christmas.
In your heart, now, the waiting begins 'This Angel of mine, what will he tell me?'
In your heart, this question points out your desire to feel your Angel talking 'What will he tell me? it will certainly be something important, because my Angel troubled himself to talk to me, and I accept his help, but let's listen to him with a open heart'.
My precious treasure, there is only love in this Sky, only love, and what is coming to you from the Sky can always be only love.
If on the other hand you look on earth to those many people who suffer, who are desperate, or fighting in a war, how much love can you notice? Very little.
From the heart, you could help them too; but then your problems divert you and the others continue to suffer and to look for the help of a heart.
Why do you think about your problems, looking for solutions when the solution is exactly in front of you?
Taking care of others will enable others to notice your problems, thus helping you with love. Solutions to problems are really beautiful if they originate from the other people's hearts, because this solution will have enriched you with love. And there will be much more love in your heart, to give to other brothers and day by day you will see changes in villages and towns, a return of love that one day will change the entire earth and at that time, looking around yourself, you will be able to say that you, too, are living in the Sky, because this earth of yours will be like Paradise.
Love starts from heart, and love will return inside of heart; heart, only the heart can produce love.
This Christmas go ahead and give love to the many people you will meet, love, only give love; and the need to begin the new year will be expected as need to give love for a whole year, and the end result will be inside of heart: HAPPINESS.
I will always be inside of your heart, and hearing us being happy will be a great joy
With Love
your Angel
Christmas Message Wonderful Opportunity Answer From The Sky About Christmas Messages
Christmas Message Wonderful Opportunity
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