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Fear Of Love Answers From The Sky

Fear Of Love Answers From The Sky About Fear Of Love Angel's Answer
Fear Of Love Answers From The Sky : I wonder if an Angel could answer me too; I would like to know why (I think I'm not the only one in this situation) we often fall in love for people who, even though they are showing some interest and possibly love towards us, become elusive, almost as if they are scared! why does the strength of this feeling frighten so many people, it's so nice to feel it but often so painful! maybe it's because in this moment I feel empty, without energy, since I've used it all up on a person that I would like to be close to me, and I wonder if Love, if pure and honest, can really always reach the heart of the person we love.
Thanks for your answer!
The Angel's answer
Why do you doubt that an angel can answer you? We Angels are always Love and the feeling we have in our heart is purity of Love and for Us it is essential to take care of the ones we protect, because as Angels our Love wouldn't have any meaning if we could not send it. This premise, my dear Silvia, is to tell you that I'm here to answer your question with knowledge and great Love.
You're all here on earth to learn how to deeply express the Great Love that does exist in your every single heart, because it was given to you by the Father. Some of you have the courage to express their every single sweet feelings more and more, but there are also those who, for fear of being afraid, have projects which don't involve the expression of their heart, on the contrary their projects concern work, wealth, accumulation of money and basically material life. However these all are things which you will have to leave behind , only your heart will exist then, together with the Love that you gave and those whom you gave Love to.
This explains why many of you are suffering when in you are contact with a heart which is looking for material things instead of the wonderful expression of its real self.
This is why it's not your Love that constitutes the obstacle to the expression of the other person's heart, but it's the relative value that their heart gives to your Love and to their own Love.
The suffering, my dear, is born in your heart because it finds it impossible to understand how it is possible for Love to relate to anything other than Love, however I told you that it's rather the other heart that doesn't take into right consideration this great feeling which is Love.
I can see that you are listening carefully and this makes me really happy because as an Angel I would like to answer your beautiful heart, by filling it with Love, as deserved, and I would like to give you a strong hug just as strong is the intensity of the Love I see in your heart.
My sweetheart, on earth everything is a choice, I will leave you to reflect but at the same time I will also add to your heart the calm to accompany you and your heart in your reflection in freedom.
A big kiss,
Your Angel
Fear Of Love Answers From The Sky About Fear Of Love Angel's Answer
Fear Of Love Answers From The Sky
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