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Pain And Sin Answers About Pain And Sin

Pain And Sin Answers About Pain And Sin Path On Earth The God Father's Answer
Pain And Sin Answers About Pain And Sin
1- Are we, dear brother angels, One with God, our creator, if so then tell us why pain is evolution for our spirit? Did we do wrong before the creation of the worlds, defying the laws of the Father of our Spirit, or did we arrive innocent as per wish and desire of the Creator who describes Himself with pleasure in such a way?
2- Do we make mistakes while being fully aware of it? Or do we make mistakes because from the depth of our hearts there is a divine desire to root our beliefs deep, apparently separated from God? Maybe by making mistakes we grow up a little, maybe we get braver? Is the courage of angels who become men worth the prestigious right of becoming similar to Our Father?
The Father's answer
My dear Nazario, your Father asked the Angels to answer in their place, because there is a lot I want to explain to you about pain and sin and at the same time I want to talk to you about your path on earth and my personal expectations at the time of the incarnation of your Spirits. I want to start by explaining to you that when you first decided to try and experience things away from me, I didn't feel happiness, but, seeing at that time the great sadness in the Souls of my children, who had the desire to experience their being Love away from Paradise, lead me to create these planets in order to set you free to experiment your wish.
From that moment on is when the reincarnation of you as bodies started, until, at the time of death, you come back to me and we talk about your experience. I know it's difficult to realize that there was no punishment in the creation of planets, just Love, which allowed for a possibility of full autonomy. During this time even the Angels among you and between you have been a help of Love for all incarnated creatures.
Pain, my dear, belongs to the physical body and to the Soul. Pain belongs to the physical body because unlike the Soul the body has its own fragility and some problems can arise as the result of some conditions, either from the environment or from your parents trough the DNA. The body develops a disease and the body can heal itself not only by providing itself with the many available medicines but also at a spiritual level, by understanding what has caused the development of the disease.
Pain belongs to the Soul if that heart is not able to express the love inside; all too often you ignore your soul in moments of illness, many doctors prescribe you substances for depression, for several nutritional problems, for anxiety and tension, without leading you to reflect on your heart and it's as if you are answering a desperate attempt to live your life like "be quiet now, everything will be fine, don't do anything and this disease is going to heal".
Maybe, while you are listening, you realize that this does not pertain to punishment, nor God, and not even the Sky and consequently none of us, other than the experience of illness and healing of illness does belong to earth.
I rapidly go to another aspect: even though on some occasions you ask for our intervention, for particular healing and miraculous recovery, I cannot force you to heal if, despite your request, you don't allow your Father to help you. It's true that many times I will not intervene if this experience can teach you a lot at a spiritual level, but it's also true that very often you refuse my help, our intervention, keeping in your heart the belief that there is no help from Heaven anyway; I have a lot of memories of many of you who realize that I had indeed offered you my help. This is experience, too; knowing that you can refuse help just like you can accept it. You can notice if your heart is open or closed to our help, by listening to your heart when it's praying to me, it's sufficient to notice how much conviction there is in the words that it speaks.
Now, let's move on to Sin. There is always consciousness inside every one of your mistakes because all of you have inside yourself the ability to discern what is motivated by Love and what is motivated by Non-Love. Sometimes, almost always, you justify yourselves by describing your mistakes as "excusable", but if you reflect on it you will understand that even a little mistake brings sorrow to someone else's heart.
The experience is different, it is not a mistake, it's just experience and with every experience you get in touch with yourself, getting to know yourself more and more and you get in touch with the other person more and more thus getting to know him better. Knowledge, this is the reason for experience, and knowledge goes straight to your heart. Unfortunately, many of you need to repeat the experience several times in order to accept this knowledge that you gain in your heart, but even this is not sin, just experience which brings knowledge to the heart. And one day you will find out that the courage is not in the experience you had, but in the heart, in the shape of Love; to explain it better, every time you choose to put your Love into as many experiences as possible, you will feel this courage pulsing inside you, courage as an expression of that Love which is inside you and the others.
To me you are all Angels, every creature on earth just like every soul in Heaven because there's Love inside you and that makes you special to me, very special to me, however my heart contemplates the possibility that you become special on earth too, not just in our Paradise, special because you are carriers of Love while you lived in full autonomy from your Father.
I want to finish this long message inviting Nazario and all my children to reassess the idea of sin in the light Love given or not given, to help you make your lives a continuous expression of your majestic Love.
I hug you my Nazario and I hug everyone of you with Love.
Your Father
Pain And Sin Answers About Pain And Sin Path On Earth The God Father's Answer
Pain And Sin Answers About Pain And Sin
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