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Difficulties in Making Choices Answers

Difficulties in Making Choices Answers From The Sky About Difficulties Making Choices
Difficulties in Making Choices Answers : hi Sara, I take advantage of this wonderful space to ask another short question (perhaps banal) to the Sky and I'm anxiously waiting to hear how He will answer me; personally I'm living a period of confusion, of mixed emotions, and I find it difficult to feel what my heart is telling me.
We each have a wonderful thing, that is the possibility to make choices in many occasions, but when we don't know what to do and we are at a crossroads and we ask for a "sign" to show us the best way for us and for the others to follow, often it this sign doesn't arrive to us or perhaps we are the ones who do not see it.???? It is in those occasions that many confused people like me are feeling alone in their choices although we know that we are never alone... Thank you in advance for the reply and I send a hug to my wonderful Angel and to those who are looking to us with love!
The Father's answer
Many times you make your own decisions, many times you notice that the decisions you make ended up being for the best, and many times, my darling, this clarity is missing to you and you your questions to all of us. Clarity is the essential element with which to make decisions.
Many times you feel as if you are missing this clarity because in your heart you are feeling many emotions which are in contrast with each other, especially, for instance, in all experiences where you are in love in a context which prevents you from expressing your Love completely. This is an example, in your heart you are feeling affection and a wish to run away, far away. And these are emotions that are in contrast inside this heart.
As you can see it's the lack of clarity, the conflict between these emotions can be solved, my darling, by learning from the discomfort that that heart is feeling. When, afterward, the situation allows to comprehend that the impossibility to experience this Love actually lies within the other person, and is not one's own responsibility, then clarity reaches the heart and the situation will be solved with a decision that afterward you will realize will be the best choice made in that moment and with that specific person.
In this moment of search for clarity, we are very near and we send to your heart a "Look out", "did you notice that?", "This is important", this is our help to guide your attention to the very important messages that this person can express.
This is the way, my darling, to solve this conflict between our heart's emotions and a search for clarity: to concentrate on the discomfort and to feel it until your reach total clarity.
And this was just an example to give you an idea, however, in any kind of situation where there is a lack of clarity, you have that discomfort as a starting point to reach the clarity.
Now I'm embracing you, my Silvia, and I will be with you to reach clarity and to guide you inside your heart, to reach your own clarity.
An hearty kiss my sweet heart
Your Father inside your heart
Difficulties in Making Choices Answers From The Sky About Difficulties Making Choices
Difficulties in Making Choices Answer
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