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Holy Mass Services Dedicate To Departed

Holy Mass Services Dedicate To One Of Our Loved Departed People Answer From The Heaven
Holy Mass Services Dedicate To Departed People : hi, my name is Lucia and I have a question to ask the Father; what kind of benefit do those people whom we love and have left us get when we remember them during the holy Mass services we dedicate to them, do we have other effective means for helping them, if any?
Sorry for my confusion.
Thank you from the heart
The Father's answer
Bring Love every time you dedicate a Holy Mass to one of your loved departed people. Bring Love each time when you remember them, with a smile and joy, the past moments you lived together. And in answer here in the Sky, your beloved ones will be flooded with Love.
What I'm saying to you, my dear Lucia, is good for everyone.
Love, sweetness, memories of joy and you are now inundating with Love those people with whom you have shared part of the journey of your human existence on this Earth.
Once they are surrounded with your love, they give their Love back in return to your heart and in this way the help is reciprocal, you allow them to be remembered with sweet affection and they will pour Love into your hearts, they support you in your journey on this Earth.
This is the truth my dear, reciprocal help within Love.
This message is always intended to help you understand, also in case of separation, that your Love, expressed either on the Earth or in the Sky, will always reach the hearts of those beloved people, and still on this subject, there is no actual separation if you imagine the existence of Love as a continuous exchange between all of you. If you talk you'll be listened to, if you think you'll be heard too, the Love lights up and connects you immediately, and as far as obtaining answers, listen confidently to the emotions that you are feeling in your heart and over time you shall notice the Love that your beloved one is pouring on you and at that time my words shall become experience of truth in the concrete experience.
My dear, this confusion which you are feeling is not in your heart but it's inside of your mind, over time they taught not to disturb those who are in the Sky, but how could it possibly be a bother if the Love reaches that heart which is being thought of, bringing a message of affection and comprehension that the Love reaches that heart? Wouldn't you feel happy if on earth or in the Sky someone you loved told you: "I love you, very much"?
This is indeed what happens each time you think of your dear ones that today are here with me, with thoughts of Love, with serenity, with joyful memories, as sweet children surrounded by your Father's Love.
My sweet Lucia, I embrace you and I put Love in your heart so that when you will transmit your Love to your beloved ones, there will also be my Love to reach them through the words that you'll pronounce and they shall be surprised to feel me through you and they shall have the awareness that the Father and Lucia have talked together.
With infinite Love
Your Father
Holy Mass Services Dedicate To One Of Our Loved Departed People Answer From The Heaven
Holy Mass Services Dedicate To One Of Our Loved Departed
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