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No Profit Associations Answers From The Sky

No Profit Associations Answers From The Sky Words God Involvement is Possibility
No Profit Associations Answers From The Sky : dear Sara , I have had several questions to the Heaven come up in my mind, however I would like to give the priority to this one, which happened to have also arisen from some of my learned friends in a cultural club, here is the essence of the context:
"the existing economic power in our present times is infinitely superior than in the past, however, unfortunately, the portion of it that gets spent on cultural activities is much lower in comparison. And that can only have harmful consequences for our entire system. Nevertheless, and here I wish to pose you a question which I believe is very important, what can we do to educate our tycoons of the financial world to become supporting patrons of our time?"
If you have had the patience to read the news that we send through our association Gevam (a not-for profit environmental protection association based in Italy) you surely will have noticed that I often make references to the donations made in the USA to non profit associations, to the fact that there are multimillionaires such as Bill Gates and Warren Buffet who donate a conspicuous part of their fortunes in to charitable organizations in aid of their neighbors.
Why aren't other people following this example, above all why does this never happen it in Italy?
Personally, I've closed the balance sheet of Gevam at a loss for the fourth consecutive year and I had to go to the bank to withdraw euro 2400.00 from my personal account to cover part of those losses; the balance I had already covered earlier.
Is there any meaning in continuing such an experience? In the Sky they send us sweet euphemisms in order not to alarm us, and so I will do the same myself, let's call it UNLOVE or MISTRUST IN LOVE, as a consequence it then gets removed from our lives and our daily behaviours because it's considered a weakness and therefore objectionable, but the outcome is that to continue to pursue the values you believe in, you end up bleeding yourself until you become worn-out.
I embrace you
The Father's answer
I understand my sweet Claudio, how much bitterness you are feeling in your heart for your important engagement, which is showing more difficulties than satisfaction.
You know, my dear, I understand the need to address oneself to those who already have had so much in profit rather than ask to all those brothers who have economic difficulties.
I understand all of this, all the sorrow that accompanies you in this effort for the benefit of everybody.
Your engagement is essential for everybody, but money can bring troubles also to those who, in their hearts, would like to express freedom in helping in many aspects these sweet and beloved brothers. I understand all of this.
However, my sweet Claudio, you may not like my answer very much because, my dear, if you stop involving all of those brothers with whom you come into contact on a daily basis, the growth will be not in their hearts, but there will only be a delegation to certain other people to look after the collective interest and there will be no growth.
And again on the topic of brothers who, by chance or by luck, rather than through their own important characteristics, have been rewarded by producing a certain amount of wealth, as always they plan a profit but they also direct part of this wealth too, because they almost always want to compensate their success with donations in order to obtain glory, because if in their hearts, my sweet Claudio, there truly was respect for everybody, then big fortunes would never build up.
I realize that such a big donation allows the recipient to do great things, but also do reflect on how much that donation has already cost to many people.
Over time there have been brothers who have donated, back then just like nowadays, even at this moment my dear Claudio there is someone who is thinking of donating.
Ask, ask, always ask, with Love ask for as much as possible, involve people in a highly visible and very tangible project and the money will come, because getting involved is always present as a possibility inside each heart, go ahead and offer a true, a concrete project and try to involve other people, and many situations may change.
Your engagement is an effort of Love and I'm very sure that this discomfort is linked to the big expectations, you imagine yourselves achieving great things but the daily efforts often make you wonder if you are sowing or just wasting your time, but my dear, many brothers are certainly following you, and it's that result which you never must overlook. Keep your eyes looking to the future, but be strong on what you already achieved as a result.
The involvement of a lot of brothers still requires some time, however do evaluate your achievement on a day by day basis, just like looking at seeds that you are donating and those seeds need the necessary time to take roots and to sprout and there will always be more and more people on whom to measure the success of your project.
In this kind of context, it is hard to ignore your impatience, however the act of involvement must be the large objective that you can all assign to yourselves.
My dear, I will say goodbye to you now, but my involvement at your side is still unchanged. I have always supported you and I always will support you.
You are all precious children to your Father, there will be a change in the future and it will be your own seeds to watch that change take place.
A big hug of Love
With pride, your Father
No Profit Associations Answers From The Sky Words God Involvement is Possibility
No Profit Associations Answers From The Sky
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