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The Choice Of The Soul Mate Answers

The Choice Of The Soul Mate Answers From The Sky About The Soul Mate Angel's Answer
The Choice Of The Soul Mate Answers : hi, I'm Giusi and I would like to ask for help from my Angel, how nice to be able to speak with you, I wanted to ask you something that has been creating a lot of uncertainty and doubts in me for a long time, and I have not been able to understand anything about it by myself, I'm seeking some answers or better some confirmations and I am pretty sure I am not the only one who is asking these questions.
I have been living with my boyfriend for 4 years, I will say right away that he's a good person in every aspect, but sometimes I ask myself if he is really the right person for me, I have always assumed that he is, but after a long time our relationship seems to have become flat, I would like to understand if my feeling is love or if it has just become a lifestyle, I would like to point out that when I'm looking forward to my future I do see my life together with him, but I don't understand why from time to time I'm faced with this uncertainty, perhaps the answer is inside myself but, in short, I'm not able to understand if I want to remain with him or not.
Please, help me to understand this, only you can do it; sometimes we think of the marriage, and we also have talked about it, and perhaps this oncoming big decision is what brings up so many doubts, the fact of having to choose the person that will be at your side for the rest of your life.
Help me, please, I'm waiting for a reply.
I love you
The Angel's answer
My dear I'm your Angel and I have come today to answer these questions which you often ask yourself. Sometimes I can see you are sure that he could be the right man, but then when you think of the choice of life you quickly get scared and your doubt assails you.
I have replied to the first question, it's only fear, my sweet little star, when you are listening to what is inside in your heart you are sure, when you are listening to your fear you are not sure at all.
Now I will explain to you how to choose, or not choose, a person in your life,
Imagine yourself as a little old lady, who do you see at your side? Many children, or just a few?
Let's imagine it's a sunny day and your children are coming to see you, how would the person that you are about to choose conduct himself with your children? Give an answer, my dear.
Let's suppose your are getting ill, and your children aren't able to help you, would this husband of yours be able to help you with Love and affection and give you all that you need? Give an answer, my dear.
Let's suppose there is important problem, which is involving you all, would this husband be able to understand you and help you all solve these problems? Give an answer, my dear.
Let's also suppose the case where one day your husband loses his job, he is unhappy and prays and implores for our help. The situation seems to be very serious. Do you plan on rolling up your sleeves and look for a job yourself to enable your family to endure this difficult moment? Give an answer, my dear.
Let's also suppose that you want to leave the care of your children to your husband because you are going to be away for a long period of time to do some long commissions, can you leave them with him or you are not so sure that he would take as good care of them as you would? Give an answer, my dear.
Let's suppose that your husband's health problem is deteriorating and you are feeling forced to look after everything, what do you think about? Do you think that person would be a burden to you or you think that will he heal soon and all will go back to normal? Give an answer, my dear.
This is a little test, if you are answering all these questions with the infinite Love that you have in the heart, this person is the right person to be by your side. If you answer with your heart, this is how it should be.
If you have any doubts with any of these questions, that means that you should get to know some aspects of his way of life better.
If you find yourself often answering with "it's not possible to live this situation with serenity" then Giusi, do reflect, these are only examples, but they are things that could happen in the life and during these moments of difficulty it's exactly the heart that holds the couple together over time.
If you answer no, he wouldn't do it or he wouldn't be able to, then my little flower, this mean he is not the right person to build a relationship that could give to you serenity for a long, long time.
I helped you quite a lot, didn't' I, my little one?
Today I'm feeling very happy, thank you Sara for letting me help my little flower, now I have to say goodbye.
I'm sending to you a big kiss.
Your Angel Francesca
The Choice Of The Soul Mate Answers From The Sky About The Soul Mate Angel's Answer
The Choice Of The Soul Mate Answers
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