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Card Reading Divinatory Arts Answers

Card Reading Divinatory Arts Questions And Answers From The Sky About Card Reading Divinatory
Card Reading Divinatory Arts Answers : my name is Francesco and I have a question that has been bothering me for a long time, let me add that I believe that if we need comfort nothing would be better than praying and listening to the voice of our Father and our Guardian Angels, however, how should we position ourselves when confronted with the so-called divinatory arts, as in card reading, for instance, is it possible to discern the fortune-tellers in "good faith", who, maybe thanks to a divine grace, are really in the condition to receive "messages" or have "visions" related to the life of the interrogator, from characters in bad faith who just want to exploit the desperation of the people who turn to them, or are all of them just charlatans in every case?
Is it possible that our Father consents to forward us His comfort or His guide through the voice of these "intermediaries" or is it that tarot reading, regardless of who is performing it, is at best just a pleasant pastime?
Thank you, Francesco
The Father's answer
My dear Francesco, if nearly every one of you asks yourself these questions, then nearly every one will turn to the art of divinations. The future is a part of the human being and the wish for a bright future is an integral part of the human being. This is really the answer that you are seeking through the medium, cards, coins, small sticks and many others forms.
Over time you will understand that it's you, at every given moment of your life, who is building your own future through the present, but you always, or nearly always, wish to know if what you are building will lead to a bright future and that's how fortune-tellers and many other people who offer to help are consulted. And this because both awareness and unawareness are still inside of you.
My dear Francesco, let's go on and isolate those brothers who are inspired from other brothers who may come to you purely for economic reasons. There are many of my children whom I do inspire, to put them in the condition to help you, to give you advice and highlight the issues that lay neglected that could constitute a problem for the future.
If these people are inspired from Love, they will transmit Love. If in your heart you are feeling the presence of Love, then you will be able to tell that it is really your Father answering through that mean.
I adapt myself in order to be helpful to you and in my heart I wish to communicate with you through the many means that you utilize, if you turn to the cards I will be in the cards; if it is a different method, I would communicate through that method.
Don't worry about it, I do this willingly, you direct a lot of prayers to me, but the means you will use to listen to me are the ones that you choose, and that is why I make use of them.
Love, only the Love that you will feel in your hearts following a consultation, will give to you certainty of the inspiration of that channel.
And as for the money.... I always have proposed to the people who make our contact possible to do so without an economic remuneration.
Sometimes, however, there are some economic difficulties in life and only then a reasonable compensation may also be of help. In this letter however I stress the necessity to pursue this engagement with Love and only for Love. The experience of Love in contact with my Love is important, the experience of donating purely for Love, experience of receiving only Love, important experience of an heart with another heart, experience of continuous growth into own Being Love.
I embrace you, my loved son
Your Father
Card Reading Divinatory Arts Questions And Answers From The Sky About Card Reading Divinatory
Card Reading Divinatory Arts Answers
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