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Negative Energies Caused From Divinatories

Negative Energies Caused From Arts Of Divinatories Answers From The Sky illnesses
Negative Energies Caused From Divinatories : dear Sara I have just read Francesco's question to the Sky and I have an additional question to turn to the Father or to my Angel on the same matter the divinatory arts; the question is the following, while chatting to someone on an internet web chat, this person told me to stay away from divinatory arts because they can be harmful to me and my relatives because they release negative energy that can also cause serious illnesses to ourselves or to people close to us.
Dearest Celestial Father, is this true then or not? It's a doubt that assails me since my mother suffered an ictus, thankfully now she's recovering, however talking to this person made me feel guilty for what had happened. According to you up there, should I feel responsible for what happened to my mother?
Many thanks Sara for this possibility to clarify this doubt. Goodbye
The Father's answer
My dear, your mother suffered an from ictus because of problems with her body, divinatory arts cannot in any case affect your health, neither yours nor that of people close to you, because even though the energy produced can frighten, it doesn't have the power to interfere with the specific energy field of those people who at that time are finding themselves in this experiment.
As I already explained to you in one of my messages dictated a long time ago, these divinatory arts can be done either with the heart, for Love, or for curiosity. If it is from the heart there is no negative energy, if it is because of curiosity or interest toward this or that departed loved person, or very important people who are in the Spirit, you activate that energy present in the universe, so-called destructive energy, and it's you who activates it with the power of you energy.
Certain phenomena, for example some explosions, are just that, through the divinatory art you activate destructive energy which then generates destructive effects on the environment, but this is the only answer.
Sara has however asked to me to take advantage of this reply to your question to help those brothers who are worried about the effect on one's field of personal energy from energies, jinx, envy and other similar things, and so many threats of misfortune that always carry the intent to get money from you, frightened creatures.
I accept this reasoning also because through these answers I am able with Love to help you to know the truth so that you too, who are helping your brothers, can bring elements of truth to transmit to everybody.
You see, jinx is an energy of thought that exists for everybody, unawareness, it is only result of unawareness, envy is another thought that is born as energy from the same unawareness.
My creatures, you all breathe unawareness through your own unawareness and through the unawareness of other brothers, it is all unawareness which is inside the collective energy. This causes some uneasiness inside you, in your hearts, in your feelings. This uneasiness activates your fears and it's only your fears that find an explanation in a lot of tragedies that would have happened in life anyway. In the case of your example, Chiara, you feared that your energies harmed your mother and so you suddenly felt guilty as if it had been these energies that really harmed her. This is the fear that makes people reason while presupposing cause and effect when there is no relationship between cause and effect.
These famous threats for your health that many you receive have the power to activate fears in you that can then create impossible relationships between cause and effect.
And then, again for fear, you go on paying money in order to avoid the experience that is only the product of the thought of your fears.
Now my children you finally know what happens, you all will say, but my dear ones, when you need answers in your heart, help yourselves by involving your brothers, not all of them will be frightened and a thought of truth is always available to all of you.
I conclude here my answer, inviting you however not to take part in meetings featuring divinatory arts that are managed by brothers who are not motivated by Love, the answers will be always useless to your knowledge and for this reason they won't do anything else other than feed your unawareness and your fears.
May my Love shine on you and soothe your frightened hearts, may the light of the truth shine on you
With immense Love
Your Father
Negative Energies Caused From Arts Of Divinatories Answers From The Sky illnesses
Negative Energies Caused From Arts Of Divinatories
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