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Coherence Answers From Heaven About Coherence

Coherence Answers From Heaven About Coherence God the Father's Answer About Coherence
Coherence Answers From Heaven About Coherence : hi, I'm Lucia and I need help from the Sky to clarify something for me; even though my boyfriend recognizes my loyalty and integrity (sometimes I am not sure!), he repeatedly blames me (with ensuing discussions) for the severity with which I handle my relationships with other people and affirms that, in life, you do need to be a little hypocritical and adapt yourself to your circumstances if you don't want to be constantly unpopular and end up being alone, I believe I am a sociable person, who cares a lot about friendships, so much as to even fight for it, even when most of the people (at least those around me) have given up; before expressing a strong opinion I always ask myself the reason why a person has behaved in a certain way and, if this person is a friend of mine and I am allowed to, I will talk to him, if necessary I do reproach him too, but always loyally and never behind his back; if I'm the cause of the problem I do apologize, naturally I expect others to be just as loyal toward me; if that is not the case, then I prefer to keep my distance without lingering with useless criticisms, while holding myself consistently with my decisions even in circumstances where I would certainly come across better if I didn't!
More often than ever I happen to think about what is really important in interpersonal relationships, whether they be with close relations or superficial ones: Is it better to act according to what our heart intimately suggests us, (provided that we don't treat others badly) even if this means that we become unpopular, or according to what is better for our public image, even if this doesn't reflect to our intimate values?... Until now I had always assumed that the answer was obvious!
...Perhaps I am making a mistake by standing out like a false note in a chorus? I wonder: is this my coherence or haughtiness? Help me to understand it so that I will not be wrong. Thanks
The Father's answer
Poor Lucia, your coherence is questioned by people who are not coherent, and you my dear, you ask me "Father, where am I wrong?"
My dear, you're not being wrong by being coherent, because if the entire chorus has decided to be wrong in their incoherence, your voice will inevitably sound off-key.
People believe that coherence means accepting all that is coming from other people, except that they then internally think that they are wrong, that they must resolve some problems, that they are not correct and many other negative thoughts.
But the meeting with others takes place in the affections, and coherence means to both agree that what joins us to others is a feeling of Love and when this feeling of Love reflects on the coherence, each mistake gets handled the way you do, by talking, understanding each other and exposing the reason and the circumstances of a specific behaviour. It's our affection that pushes us closer to the other person and it's exactly to preserve the feeling of Love, which we feel in our heart, for the other person. This feeling can be confirmed or not, depending on the situations, from what happened to what the other person then does to rectify it. The outcome of our observation shall confirm one way or the other our feeling of Love and when we perceive that the other person is not coherent, i.e. he doesn't give affection in answer to our affection, then the feeling we hold moves elsewhere and looks for someone else to Love who will reciprocate our affection.
My dear, you constantly build relationships, why is it? It's exactly because of coherence, you act on a belief that your wish is to express your Love to someone else and once you found this other Love, then Friendship will appear, within mutual respect of each other's affections.
Now my dear, I'm embracing you, and may this son of mine learn from you how to Love with all his heart.
A very big kiss
Your Father
Coherence Answers From Heaven About Coherence God the Father's Answer About Coherence
Coherence Answers From Heaven About Coherence
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