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Church And Messages Coming From The Heaven

Church And Messages Coming From The Heaven Answers From Sky About Messages Coming
Church And Messages Coming From The Heaven : my sweetest Sara I would like to try to ask you a question for the Sky, I hope my Angel will illuminate me on how to best explain myself; this question and these doubts belong to the desperate life of my girlfriend, Gianna, she lost her seventeen year-old child in a car accident, despite her desperation, our Father immediately gave her many messages of Love, through Him her son donated to her an indescribable peace inside her heart, he made her meet "souls" to orient her ever closer to Him, even our Celestial Mother tried to illuminate her path with "dreams" and visions she tried to communicate to her that to reach Jesus, or the Father, the Saint Rosary is fundamental, I also add that I believe that Gianna is a particularly evolved soul, even after her child's "death" (even if she knows that death doesn't actually exist, but human pain sometimes makes her forget that) she has met people particularly "devoted" to the Church and the Madonna and therefore they often gathered to pray the Rosary together with a person who heard a seemingly suave voice (the Madonna?); however after some time she "felt" in her Heart that something was not right, she believes in karma, the messages from the Sky, from Jesus and from the Madonna who have been communicating with us these few years, she believes in Angels, in other lives on other planets and she also believes in the Church and this is where the problem lies.
The Church doesn't accept this "open minded view".. however in her heart she feels that she is right... if she follows the Church... or the Eucharist, the Mass, the Gospel, the Rosary... she cannot also believe in this "new way of thinking".. i.e. that Jesus and all the Angels communicate directly with us!
She should trust what the Church "says" and follow their way...including the Madonna... but by doing so she would have to erase her thoughts on everything else the Church doesn't accept...then which is the correct way to go? (naturally I always told her, and I will continue to tell her that she just needs to listen to her heart... and that's where she will find all the answers...) should she continue to "feel" souls who send her messages from the Sky... discerning and listening to her heart, but in addition, if she feels up to it, to also go to the Church, to take the Eucharist, to listen to the Gospel and to follow the Madonna... I know all this is correct, even if I personally see in the Church a structure that ought to be demolished...
What's fundamental is the Father, Jesus and the Madonna as well as a Saint Rosary, if prayed with the heart,... and there are, as the Church calls them, other "things", including priests and the Pope... if these are not heartfelt true feelings of love.... I believe they should be eliminated...
In short, I know what I have to follow... even if I am an inveterate sinner... but it's for her that I would like an answer from the Father so she can find some peace and begin immediately her journey made of love next to Him, to Jesus and the Madonna...
Take a look at this, do check if I have made myself clear or not... or if you want to correct something, feel free, .. I love you, kisses
The Father's answer
My dear, since when institutions don't represent me anymore?
The Church is a concept, a place where you find me, both through prayers or listening to the Gospel and through many publications that are produced in Churches in the planet. I'm the same Father in every Church, and I'm also your Father who gives advice to all of you through my Love, and my messages reach your hearts and those of any brother who is willing to listen to be of help to you.
Now that we understood the message, let's talk about these important choices that every Church makes when addressing all those people who share that belief.
Sometimes you forget that those ministers of every religion are also men, men and women exactly like you, with the only difference that they believe with all of their hearts in a Father who needed you, children, to bring words of hope in my existence and in the existence in the Sky of a very beautiful Love that wraps around you and constantly supports you, while you are too busy seeing nothing else other than materialism.
Over time even the Church reflected over this and has since opened up, and in time you will see a reflection and opening up also in the messages that we transmit to you even in current times and to those which we will transmit every time your hearts will be ready to welcome us.
My Gianna knows all this in her heart, confirmation, this message is really only a confirmation that I'm dictating for you, just a confirmation for your great affection for her, to allow you to help her by turning Love into your relationship.
My dear, the Saint Rosary is truly a tool to contact Us, because by repeating your prayers in your heart, you open up to our Love and you allow all of Us to enrich you with Love.
With sweet Love I embrace you my daughter
Your Father forever here to help you
Church And Messages Coming From The Heaven Answers From Sky About Messages Coming
Church And Messages Coming From The Heaven
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