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Children With illnesses Or Premature Death

Children With illnesses Or Premature Death Answers About Premature Death
Children With illnesses Or Premature Death : hi Sara, it's Rosario again, I'm writing to tell you that, following your advice, I have read the entire "Messages to Humanity" section on the website, it was a real marathon, which kept me busy for three full days during which I even neglected all my pastimes (gym, television going out in the evening, surfing and playing with the internet) for this post-work full immersion session that only did me good; there are many things that I would like to tell you but a whole day would be not enough,I would like to tell you so many things that one whole day would not be sufficient, I will try to sum up the sensations and emotions I felt while I am taking advantage of your patience.
1) I had no doubt, not for a moment, of the truthfulness of the words I read, on the contrary, I felt a shiver when in the message of the 10th January 2007 Jesus says that for many people those words are not new; it's true, it seems to me that by reading it I have done more of a revision, as opposed to having learned something new
2) I felt alternating impulses of joy, serenity, sadness and guilty conscience while reading all the dictations and I learnt that what I thought to be a deep-rooted anticlericalism of mine (a youth's heritage directed to the left, albeit remaining always sufficiently religious) in reality was a feeling of contrast between what the Church taught us over the centuries and what I learned directly from God before I incarnated. I can not tell you how many times, after heated but civilized discussions with priests, Jehovah's Witnesses, nuns, religious figures in general, I thought: "Jesus, why don't you give a sign, a message to explain us how things really are?" So there you are...
3) Usually when I am reading something at the computer, especially late in the evening, after about half an hour my eyes become like two hard-boiled eggs and force me to resort to various eye-drops. Last night I finished reading at one o'clock am, I also read some of your experiences of Angelic aid and not only did I not have any problems with my eyes at all, on the contrary I felt only much serenity and fortitude!
4) Of course, my soul is still filled with much materiality and doesn't understand some things, so some questions did come up, which I would like to turn to Jesus.
Jesus's answer
My dear Rosario, I'm Jesus, here I am to answer your questions, but I also have in my heart a great joy to be able to speak to you and to all my brothers and my sisters through this message.
I know, there is a lot that's written in the website. Our sweet Sara, with her effort for you, to help you learn, sharing her discoveries with all of you, has always asked for each message not only for her but for all of you, and by speaking and dictating the messages, our every word has punctually reached all of you. This three-year effort has allowed knowledge for all of you and will continue to bring knowledge through these answers, also through new messages that we are going to prepare for you.
This introduction is to tell you that, in the past, each one of you has lived here with Us and has experimented how your Love, which constitutes your Spirit, is eternal, immortal; knowledge is part of both the spirit and also of the experience of Love lived in all of its expression in this place that you call Heaven. Coming to earth, your knowledge is still with you, you are Spirit incarnated into a physical body, but on earth Love is a choice that originates from the heart and through you it may or may not cover your existence completely. What is perfectly natural here, becomes your choice at the moment of your incarnation.
But let's move to your first question.
a) Why are some children born with deformities, or Down syndrome, etc.? If we exclude human error, is this something that they chose when they were pure Spirit? Above all, why are there babies with tumours? I can understand an adult, I can understand a child dying in a car-accident or falling off the balcony, but I don't understand the sense of so much pain that parents must bear. Why did I make that introduction? To allow you to understand that Love is the experience that you are carrying out in your life, in this life, you are reading me and you are experimenting your being Love in your current situation on earth; each brother who is reading me is experimenting being Love in his current situation on earth. Situations, it's through those situations that you act on your freedom to be your Love or, at the contrary, to restrain your being Love.
B) The physical body is generated by your bodies, a lot of features are inherited, including pathologies which could potentially turn into full-blown illness, the situations will determine if there will be a pathology or just a potential illness. Some of these problems can be revealed during the gestation period and accepting a child, a child with Down syndrome, for instance, in many cases is a choice, but it's a choice of an experience of Love. The Souls know before birth of any characteristics that the body shall feature, and anybody who accepts the choice of this condition is well aware of these difficulties, however the choice is about the experience of Love that can be lived in that body, specifically in that body. There are very important lessons to be learned through illness, so many hearts breathe and express themselves through illness, while you fight against the illness, it's in your hearts that you express important feelings and these are precious teachings for all of these Souls. Some of you consider limit themselves to count as a victory only the elimination of the illness, and if the illness continues, all that is left is a great pain and the feeling that not enough was done to help, or the feeling of being abandoned without having been able to love. On the contrary, the Paradise is full of Souls who, especially through illness, experimented the greatest feelings that a heart can express and when in contact with this Paradise, the Love donated is incessantly transferred to many who have given with Love.
When these hearts contact Paradise they realize how much they grew within Love especially when in contact with moments of illness and age here is only a detail, what really counts is the growth, the experimentation and often a little child over here can find himself having grown much more than a Soul who may have lived for 100 years.
My beloved brothers, I remind everybody again that the experience on earth is an experience of only Love, it's experience from heart, and evolution takes place only through giving and receiving Love.
I notice that you are reflecting, yes, the experience on earth is experience of growth within Love, when you kiss you are building experience, when you help you are building experience, when you understand you are building experience, those are the moments that coincide with your experimentation from your heart, to bring always greater growth and consciousness into your being Love.
Why do you ignore each moment of Love given to a child, given to a loved one? This is the Love experience for which you have come to experiment on earth. Cherish each moment and inside your heart you'll perceive the huge Love experience that you have given to the other beloved Soul with your Soul. And then, the day we will meet again will be a nice day and your Loves will explode with joy and right away you will understand how difficult the experience had been, but also so important for all of you.
Now, my dear Rosario, I will let our sweet Sara rest, I will await a new contact, so I will be able to answer other questions from you.
A great, big kiss.
Your brother Jesus Christ
Children With illnesses Or Premature Death Answers About Premature Death
Children With illnesses Or Premature Death
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