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Extraterrestrial Creatures Answers

Extraterrestrial Creatures Answers About Extraterrestrial Creatures Other Planets
Extraterrestrial Creatures Answers : second question by Rosario, I believe in the existence of extraterrestrial creatures and indeed Jesus, even though in passing, speaks of it in one of His messages on the website, implying that among all the planets created by God ours is the most unstable one, for a variety of reasons (violence, pollution, materialism, hatred, selfishness, wars, natural catastrophes, etc.).
Will we ever be able one day to have more stable contacts with these creatures, who, it seems to me, are more advanced than us?
Jesus's answer
My beloved Rosario, indeed there are other planets, in addition to earth there are other planets and just like earth they serve the purpose to accomplish the journey of growth in the recognition of your being Love.
You are right, Earth is the least advanced planet than all others worlds, despite the presence of many people who have almost entirely completed their evolution, however Love takes care of everybody, and this is the reason for the presence of sweet Souls amongst you: the opportunity to be able to grow, hand in hand.
In God's plan, our Father desires the evolution for everybody and sweet opportunities for everyone to be able to evolve.
My dear Rosario, this speech is to say, however, that evolution must take place as the gaining of awareness matured inside this specific world.
The contacts: your brothers have the ability to contact, and just like us, these brothers send you messages to aid reflection to help you grow and evolve.
Apparitions, UFO's are like an evidence of existence, however just like us, they are always aimed at relying on the help sent to you through the messages.
Other worlds are in contact with the little Earth, but this contact is always in answer to the desire for the brothers on earth to evolve.
Over time their messages will increase in number, too, it will depend on you, if you accept these contacts as opportunities for growth, evolution will be in their presence.
Their technology is able to reach you but evolution also means to understand that development that starts from Love is always a movement that is born spontaneously in the individual entity, to then extend as far as the people and the environment in its proximity.
There is no evolution if the Law, however extremely correct, had to reach out to you from other worlds.
You are really the ones who, living this experience of growth on earth right now, want get involved with your Love and bring reflection and truth to your brothers.
Reflection and truth, your evolution within the recognition of the heart's truths and the your personal knowledge of your own Spirit need reflection to be able to be brought out into the light of your awareness.
My dear Rosario, every brother is looking for the truth just like you, and even the messages from your brothers from other planets can help you rediscover the known truth that is already known by all of you.
Everyone carries on his or her way, the most important thing is to identify the truth in your heart.
With al lot of affection, my beloved
Your brother Jesus Christ
Extraterrestrial Creatures Answers About Extraterrestrial Creatures Other Planets
Extraterrestrial Creatures Answers
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