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Crimes Against Humanity

Crimes Against Humanity People Responsible For Crimes Against Humanity Answers Heaven
Crimes Against Humanity : and the third and last question to Heaven from Rosario's letter, I found very moving among the messages to Humanity from John Paul the 2nd, Calipari and the boy who committed suicide, and also the description of the joy that the souls in Paradise feel when the gather all together and when they see God, but Jesus doesn't mention the souls of those people who, during their lives on earth, did almost exclusively bad things, just to mention a few of them, what happened to Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Stalin, Nerone, Vlad the man slaughterer? are they going to reincarnate in order to repair their wrongdoings? or are they still so full of hate that they cannot perceive thoughts of brotherhood yet?
The Jesus's answer
My beloved Rosario, I mentioned to you that all souls can enter this wonderful paradise. Now I'm going to explain to you why even those brothers who have committed every kind of violence on earth also have this right. Since the Father knows that every child of His is created by Love, at the same time He also knows that the very distance from Heaven, experiencing materialism, can truly lead to forsaking every tie with that Love that everyone of us has inside. This is an essential point to assimilate in order to understand the reason why every Soul will always find Paradise at the time of transfer. During this specific time everyone relives his or her life again with the eyes of Love and grasps the problems which led him or her to decide upon every single action and he perceives the feelings coming from those brothers who were affected by his actions. Do you understand how difficult this crossing between dimensions has been for them?
I just want to give you an example, a person is screaming from the pain he's suffering right now, even though it actually took place in the past, and his scream reaches your Father's heart and your own heart, my dear Rosario, how would you feel? A piercing pain crosses your heart, many times in the past, it means that you listen the all of those screams of pain together and at the same time, as well as the pain in your heart and in the heart of your Father, who has now shown Himself to the eyes of your Spirit. And in your Father's eyes you see the screaming faces of His creatures that suffered because of you.
At the beginning it is not easy for these creatures to even just look in the eyes of the Father and of every creature that crosses their own path in Heaven. Then the review begins to understand the reason why a sweet Soul needs to cause pain to his brothers to feel that his personality is being recognized, and slowly those eyes realize what were the serious problems that led to those facts and they raise a few inches up from the base level.
Many Souls are dedicating themselves to helping them, many Souls amongst which the understanding of our Father and their biggest desire is for an existence of disseminating Peace and brotherhood.
For those Souls the time will come when they will come back on earth, but not now, because before them there are many brothers who need to come back on earth to complete their path of growth, a path that those other brothers had interrupted with their violence. And this is my answer to the last question in your letter.
My dear and beloved Rosario did the answers make the thought of your brother Jesus more comprehensible? I think so.
A bis kiss my beloved brother I'm with you
Crimes Against Humanity People Responsible For Crimes Against Humanity Answers Heaven
Crimes Against Humanity
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