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Mixed Weddings I'm Christian He's Muslim

Mixed Weddings I'm Christian He's Muslim Answers About Mixed Wedding
Mixed Weddings I'm Christian He's Muslim : I don't remember the reason why I chose to live the experience of a mixed wedding when I reincarnated, since I'm a Christian and my husband is Muslim, maybe I had to learn about hospitality, tolerance, respect and open my mind and my heart to new horizons and so I did and I learned a lot, I learned that we are all brothers even if we are different in race, religion, culture and way of living, but all this wasn't of much help when my children were born, because a Muslim, from the day he is born, is already well set in his religion.
Religion comes before everything else, and for him his religion is the only important one, so there are only three ways of looking at it - either you: adapt yourself to it (and you raise your children this way, and they become Muslim... living in a Christian state, with all the problems linked to the society where the child is residing) or you speak clearly and decide for your own religion (Christianity) or the last alternative (which almost never occurs and might perhaps be the most correct choice)... to let the children become acquainted with both religions and let them choose when they get older....
Naturally, disagreements within a couple are unavoidable... Heaven told me that dialogue is fundamental (and my husband agrees)... so one day I took the courage to try to speak to him and tell him what I felt, that Angels are pure energy, that they are always present and living, that the stars shine and pulsate and they are living too, just like everything God has created is alive... along with many other things I feel deep down in my heart... I just tried to mention something about God, and the first thing that he did was to deride me, telling me that I didn't have faith and that I was ready to be taken to a mental home..
In the meantime, he says his five Muslim prayers every single day without fault, always at the same time, always with the same intonation, inside my heart I feel as if that's just a ritual, that his heart is actually closed... My dear Angel, is it right to continue a relationship where you cannot express yourself completely without being humiliated... (although he does not touch or damage my Spirit as he knows that what he believes in is right)... and so we keep going just for the sake of the kids, but how can I help my children, who are headed for that religion, the Muslim religion, even if inside their hearts they don't really "feel it"?
I know what you are going to say, that we need Tolerance, love and respect, but if all of this is just one-sided, then what to do? I guess I have to finish my "cycle" down here on earth and maybe later I will have the right answers... however I am not asking this for me, it's rather for "my" children... to truly help them to understand what is right... (in the silence of the night I entrust them to the Father, to Jesus and to the Holy Mother and sometimes I tell them about Angels... at the risk of a possible fight with their Muslim daddy)..please help me understand the right thing to do..
With all my Love, thanks Marilena
The Father answers
My sweet Marilena I see with my eyes a lot of despair born from a couple's difficulty to accept each other's differences while promoting an absolute and mutual respect between the two people. In your couple there's the religion problem, in other couples often the problem is money, maybe the relatives, or education, and this is a concert of pain which arises from earth every moment.
Why these paths? Each of you comes on earth to experiment his own being Love, but everyone then thinks that you can be Love only if the sweet partner that you chose will allow you to do that. This reasoning has elements of truth, but often the truth is that you put the favorable conditions even before what you could express about yourselves.
Let's take your example, you think that your partner is performing a ritual while his heart is not participating, why do you think that? Is it the tone of his voice? Is it the repetitiveness of his daily prayers? The light in the heart shines when praying and there's a lot of concentration when praying and his heart is not closed, on the contrary, it is very much concentrated on his prayer.
His heart has Faith and the time that he devotes everyday to his prayers is a proof of that to you. Many Muslim people listen to the Word with great attention, while the Catholics don't follow their Belief with as much participation. And it is plain for a lot of you Catholics to see that being Catholic doesn't only mean to attend the Church on Sundays but also to carry the Love teachings of Jesus in your everyday life.
This is the answer my sweet and dear Marilena, have faith, believe, therefore bring the truth back into your life, live in the truth, convey the Love that is inside you, and talk about the reasons, about what leads to your choice and then you will see that your being Catholic will no longer be an object of derision or the reason for disappointment in your daily life, on the contrary you will win the respect of your husband and become an example to your children of how one's Faith will affect one's existence. Then your children have to decide, with age also comes the freedom to believe and to choose the best model that reflects the truth of their hearts.
I hug you with a lot of Love.
Your Father, hugging your sweet Angel.
I know that you wanted your Angel to answer your question, but I answered instead, isn't it better to understand directly from me? I know that you are waiting a sign from your angel, it will arrive soon, and it's a promise
Mixed Weddings I'm Christian He's Muslim Answers About Mixed Wedding The Father Answer
Mixed Weddings I'm Christian He's Muslim
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