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Guardian Angels Answers From The Heaven

Guardian Angels Answers From The Heaven About Guardian Angel Feel Of Guardian Angel
Guardian Angels Answers From The Heaven : hi Sara, I would like to turn a question to my Angel, I don't know his name but I must say that I have always felt his sweet presence and above all over the last few years the Guardian Angels have seen me grow up more emotionally; from time to time I treat him to little thoughts or letters that I write as I would normally do to a friend and I ask myself what kind of emotions Angels feel when we, the "human brothers", contact them, also, is it correct for me to ask my Guardian Angel to help another person, or it would be more appropriate to pray directly to other person's the angel?
I take the opportunity to thank the Sky for their presence, which makes us feel as if they are near to us. Many thanks, my Angel, for the serenity which you are helping me slowly find again.
A hug for Sara!
The Angel answers
It's a joy to be able to wake you up in the morning and remind your heart that you are a Spirit born from Love, it's a joy to accompany you all the time, with everything you choose to do, it's great joy reminding you that it's your Spirit that is moving in the world, and reminding you that, every time you meet someone, that person is a brother of yours in the Spirit. It's a joy to accompany you.
You ask me what we, Guardian Angels, feel when a thought, or emotion, is involving us, I shall borrow an image as an example, even if the heart of your Angel is already expanded, when you think of us it becomes as big as the world, what we feel is entirely sweet Love, a Love so intense that it could embrace not only you but at the same time every child on the face of the earth and in those moments the entire sweet earth is acquiring the image of your face and in loving you I'm feeling that my Love is directed to everybody.
We Angels feel this emotion very often, because you don't only seek my help consciously, very often it's your spiritual heart that contacts me, and asks, me and speaks to me, while you are often too busy with your many things you are doing to even notice. What I just explained to you is an extremely important point, from your heart you very often call "help me", but you ignore the fact that our contact is in fact constant, just like constant is the Love that I am giving you my sweet Silvia, and also constant is our speaking to each other.
This is why we pray and ask for the Father's help on a day like when we see you troubled, and my prayer, my beloved, is always heeded, and there is always intervention, but a lot depends on the very heart that requires that help. The Father offers himself but sometimes that heart refuses the contact and this is often the reason why those hearts feel alone and abandoned. What sadness to see the refusal of the sweet help coming from the Father. " That child of mine is not yet ready to accept my presence in his heart, not yet" this is what the Father tells us Angels, "Next time, who knows? He might be ready", this is the Father: always constant hope in your change.
By the way, my dear, we Angels have been created to allow your Father to follow you with all the Love with which He created us and it's His help, my dear, that an Angel sends you, time after time. We are there, He is here and we come to you only to help you be your Spirit also at the moment of incarnation, a time in which there is no perception of Spirit.
Come on my dear, let's now begin to talk again between us again, you have heard me, but before I say goodbye I embrace you with all the joy that I feel in my heart, as an Angel, when I see you.
I have become an immense heart, and this is my Love for you
Your Angel Elisabetta
Guardian Angels Answers From The Heaven About Guardian Angel Feel Of Guardian Angel
Guardian Angels Answers From The Heaven
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