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Soul Mates Answers from Heaven

Soul Mates Answers from Heaven About Soul Mates God Father Answer Soul Mates Exist
Soul Mates Answers from Heaven : my dear Sara, I have a question to refer to the Sky; the question is "dear Father, do Soul mates exist? if they do, can they meet during their transit on Earth?"
I thank you and I say good bye. From Chiara. Bye
The Father's answer
Certainly, Soul mates do exist. They are those Souls who promise to help each other out during their life journey on Earth. I will mention your own projects, those that you plan together with us, in order to accomplish them while on Earth. Every project needs other people and this is why you establish links with other Souls to take part to the project. In this Paradise, if you need support, you will always find Souls willing to help.
Depending on the project you want to achieve, this Soul will be with you in many different contexts, for example he or she could be a person who will join you in a job environment, or a sweet Soul who will be born as your child, he/she could be your life companion, like a girlfriend or a boyfriend, or a friend. They are all Souls mates, and their sacrifice will be repaid with the pleasure of having been helpful in the realization of your project.
You will always meet this Soul, the Soul mate, while on earth, to bring into play what you need in order to evolve, and under no circumstances, ever, will this agreement not be honored on Earth.
As a Father, I can assure you that there will always be a contact between you, Soul mates.
My dear Chiara, over the time I noticed that all of you look for your Soul mates, meaning a partner for life, to marry and to start a family with. For this reason I am telling you that a Soul mate could also be a person who is not predisposed to life as a couple, however, through his or her role, he or she will help you achieve your evolution. Therefore don't only look for your Soul mate within that specific context, it's in the heart that lies the acknowledgement of the great relevance of what that Soul is doing for you.
I understand your need to be quite sure that this partner or that partner of yours is the right person to build a Love relationship with; your heart is there also for this purpose: do you feel Love inside you for that young man? do you feel, in your heart, as if you are receiving a lot of Love from that young man? This is the impression that will make you choose between marriage or living together, but always remember that this is only the beginning. Loving from your own heart is a daily task, and this is the only way that happiness will come amongst you, and be your own life will be happiness.
My darling, now I will say good bye.
A very big kiss to you from your Father
Soul Mates Answers from Heaven About Soul Mates God Father Answer Soul Mates Exist
Soul Mates Answers from Heaven
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