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Self-Healing Answers From Heaven

Self-Healing Answers From Heaven About Self-Healing Responsibilities
Self-Healing Answers From Heaven : dear Sara, up until now my life has been a disaster: a marriage on the verge of divorce, a man whom I love but doesn't return my love, no children, a weak health (after a year of marriage I underwent surgery, I was cured only after five years of suffering due to the operation and it's very likely that, if Jesus doesn't cure me, I might have to undergo another surgery where I was already operated on, and this is causing much distress for me, I can't find a job (only temping jobs), and I have a brother who won't come back.
I'm a person who has always dedicated herself to other people, and helped them; I have a great faith, I am generous and have great heart, I would like to ask Jesus if both my physical and emotional pain will end very soon and why is it that I have this anguish in the first place, since I never hurt anyone.
I immensely thank you for the answer you'll give me (I hope as soon as possible) and I wish you a lot of joy and happiness.
An embrace
The Father's answer
Let's start my beloved Elena by declining many of the responsibilities that you are assigning to me, your Father, and to all of us. I've not operated you, neither cured you, nor drifted apart from you or disappointed you in the feelings you had. I have always been ready to help you in facing life, the mistakes that other brothers make, the life inside of a relationship as a couple, but your heart has always been closed to hearing your Father, probably because of the heavy responsibilities that you were attributing to me.
Today I am writing a message to you so that my heart could finally talk with your heart and I sweetly forgive you for those moments of anger that you have directed toward me too, but in the heart I'm looking for you to allow me to help you. Let's see, there may be a different solution to the problem of a new surgery, it's not a foregone conclusion, people have unlimited capacity to cure themselves and this can be the solution. Try caressing the affected part of your body, always very gently, put energy into it as if you were trying to comfort it, like a little girl who is feeling bad and you want to heal her with the Love you feel so greatly in your heart. Caress yourself with this feeling in mind, you are that little child that is suffering so much and you are also the adult who wants to cure her with her Love. Intense, your Love must be very intense, in a short time you will notice an improvement and then persist, with your Love renewed by the recent outcome, Love, put once again more Love to cure yourself.
This should help you at least in removing this grave concern that you have.
Apart from that, my daughter, always remember that your Father only and always wants your happiness and you will always find me beside you and in your heart, anytime you need a suggestion or encouragement because life does have its awful days too, however this responsibility is of the brothers of all of you, never mine.
A big kiss, my sweet
Your Father
Self-Healing Answers From Heaven About Self-Healing Responsibilities
Self-Healing Answers From Heaven
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