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Clinical Depression Answers From Heaven

Clinical Depression Answers From Heaven About Depression Physical Or Soul Disease?
Clinical Depression Answers From Heaven : dear Sara, I would like to know if for the Sky, clinical depression is a physical disease or a disease of the Soul, and how it can be cured; is there a way to understand if the earthly life that we are living right now is actually the right one? i'm looking at my failures, I know that they have helped me to grow, but may I hope for a better future?
Thank you, kisses, Gabriella
The Father's answer
Sweet Gabriella, for us in the Sky, clinical depression is a disease of the Soul because that sweet Soul is not able to give Love anymore. These hearts are too closed shut to allow themselves the lightness of expressing a feeling; the heart is too closed and clings on to specific events, clings on to specific meetings that caused sadness, it's not able to express itself anymore.
Many people are suffering from depression and they live an existence which, instead of helping, they end up losing hope for a possible change and this loss of hope brings them to focus on the experiences of the past and no longer think on the present. And life turns into a distressing replay of past sorrows and puts that sorrow's veil in your eyes as well as in your heart.
On the contrary, life is hope. Each meeting can be different from the previous meeting, each moment may bring emotions never experienced till then, a dispute can be solved and harmony can be re-conquered, too.
Hope, that's what transforms life, it's the energy that brings you to constantly grow up and that brings you to experiment as if it was really the first time that you encounter people or situations.
It's this hope, when missing, that creates illness that involves the body; there are many drugs which can help quell so much pain, however, my beloved, hope is the only element that could bring to a full recovery.
Do hope, my beloved ones, go ahead and hope. With hope turn yourself to the world and build, constantly raising the hope that your wishes can be fulfilled.
There are so many moments in life, moments of hardship and moments of great serenity, and life is the product of what has been built with the heart, with feeling and with hope.
My dear Gabriella, this is the time for you to free your heart from the past and open yourself to the world again, to build, with your own feeling, the existence that you would like so much to lead.
And, my dear, let your feelings be your guide, if you listen to what your heart is experiencing you will always know if you are heading in the right way, is there hope in your heart? Then you are heading the right way; does your heart bring you to express your feelings to other people? Then you are heading the right way; are you feeling the presence of shadows in your heart? It's time to stop and better understand what is going wrong in order to rectify it, to clarify, and then start walking again within the expression of your own feelings.
My dear, remember that if you ever call for me for help I shall be beside you and I shall always help you understand the clarity in your feeling.
Now let's go back to clinical depression, my loved ones, you all have the great power to transform your existences, to free yourselves from the depression and to begin an existence in the name of hope and feelings. You can build existences so rich as to amaze yourselves at the Love, at how much Love you transmit, time after time, and hope, activating the Love of your hearts, will transform your life into a fantastic experience.
There are no doubts; if you believe that when people are young it's easier to put hope at disposal of life, this is a mistake; whenever you place hope again, life, and the transformation of life, will begin again.
A big kiss, my beloved children, your Father is very old, in earthly years, but in terms of hope I am the youngest of all!
And, smiling, I will embrace you with much, much Love
A big kiss my beloved Gabriella
Your Father
Clinical Depression Answers From Heaven About Depression Physical Or Soul Disease?
Clinical Depression Answers From Heaven
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