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Suicide Answers Soul And Suicide

Suicide Answers About Suicide Soul And Suicide The God Father's Answer
Suicide Answers Soul And Suicide : hello Sara, I read some of the answers that the Father gave to those who asked questions, I have read as far as the question on coma, for me it was like jumping back into the past, when for 6 months I did not move from my bed, when twice I was resuscitated and twice I went through that tunnel from which my mother sent me back both times; I have to tell you that I agree with everything that the Father said, could I also ask a question to the Sky? hello Father, my name is Anna, and I would like to ask you a question, of course you already know I am a strong believer in the other dimension, I believe in strange phenomena, and I agree with your explanations, now please answer me this question, what kind of welcome do you and do the Souls extend to those who committed suicide? what is it like for someone who has committed? don’t think that this is what I am planning on doing! but sometimes the temptation is strong because I would love to hug my parents again, however I know that someone keeps me close to life at all costs.
A kiss to you, my Father.
Forgive me if sometimes I do not pray like the Church would want me to, I like to pray through music, choosing my own words spontaneously.
Your child, Anna
The Father answers
My darling, your question pushes me to remind you that over the course of time, while you are waiting to be borne to begin your project of life on earth, everyone of you, everybody, everybody, when you meet with me to ask for some advice on what you want to achieve on your project, notices that your Father, while helping you, also always highlights the difficulties of life on earth and, over time my advice, does sink in, however for you my advice is almost always unheeded. You choose your path of life in complete freedom and you are very confident to be able to achieve it. Birth, your project, not having us in front of your eyes, and a project develops within its own difficulties and the important experience that you wanted ends us becoming a source of pain, of great anguish that is difficult to cope with and if you do not see any brothers who can help you around you, suicide then becomes liberation from this great sufferance.
Many of your brothers lose their lives, or they interrupt it because of the enormous difficulties, the feelings of great anguish that they feel in their entire bodies. This crying from the heart does not help face life and the situation becomes even more critical and even if I speak to you, inside your heart you feel that immense pain and hope leaves you and what you are left with is the feeling that for the rest of your lives, you will become that anguish, that pain. Then suicide.
At that time when your Soul abandons the body for good, the immediate realization is to have made a mistake and your main desire is to go back, but it’s now impossible, you see your body, you try to go back inside it, but there is nothing you can do. You feel our presence next to you and the feeling of light that we emanate, and this too is difficult to accept when all you wish is to go back. With love we hug you and we transmit you ‘Be brave my child, Paradise awaits you, we are waiting for you, follow the light, at the end is where you will find all of us’. And that’s when the final goodbye to that body takes place as well as the goodbye to the experience that the body allowed you to implement.
The first moments of life in Paradise seem to confirm with its own beautify that everything that determined pain and anguish in life on earth is now gone forever, however after a few moments, the anguish returns upon the discovery of the suicide and all of the pain coming from the hearts of the loved people envelops you completely and nothing, you can do absolutely nothing other than feel that immense pain sent inside your heart. And you cry and while you cry you respect their pain and you cry because you are the cause of it.
Over time you will look for all possible ways to ask forgiveness, that forgiveness that you need so you can regain serenity again and over time you listen to your heart forgiving itself if forgiveness comes from those to whom you have brought so much pain.
There is plenty of time to reflect here in Paradise, there is plenty of time to understand and you are always supported in capturing a brief moment of serenity, however your existence in Paradise will always be affected by the feelings of those hearts you left behind on earth.
Over time you will meet again, and only then total forgiveness will give you the possibility again to experiment Paradise inside of you.
My sweet Anna, I answered this way because right now the experience of what a heart feels is more important than the experience inside the heart of your Father when He feels rejected in a rejection of life. Life is a great gift, my children I give you this gift with all of myself, you can always transform painful situations, life is an enormous picture and you are the ones who are painting it.
With love you can create beautiful paintings, with many colours in your heart, you dip your brushes into the heart and you color away, paint and when the painting will be finished you will have a masterpiece in front of your luminous eyes.
With Love
Your Father, artist par excellence with His Love
Suicide Answers About Suicide Soul And Suicide The God Father's Answer About Suicide
Suicide Answers Soul And Suicide
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