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Destiny Answer From Heaven About Destiny

Destiny Answer From Heaven About Destiny God Father Answer Destiny And Choices Actions
Destiny Answer From Heaven About Destiny : dear Sara, could you ask a question to the Sky for me, I would very much love to hear from someone in the Sky an answer to a question on destiny, we live a series of experiences that help our Soul evolve, however, when there is talk of destiny that is already written for each one of us, what does that mean, does it mean that these experiences lead us to what our destiny will be or that there is nothing already planned and in reality we are the ones who create it through our choices and actions?
Thank you, Simonetta
The Father answers
The famous destiny. How many times people label destiny what we do not intend as destiny.
Now, my Simonetta, as well as all of my children, I will explain the concept of destiny as we intend it in the truth. My loved ones, you are all Souls trying to express the sweet Love that you carry in your hearts and as you put this in more and more in evidence, both to yourselves and to other people, you notice that your true identity is exactly in the fact that you are Love.
The concept of destiny is an expression of this achieved awareness of Being Love.
This is destiny, over time each one of you, through the vast awareness, will recognize yourselves as Love.
During incarnation, with sweet gestures, you bring in front of your eyes and those of the other brothers the ‘Love that gives you life’; the same applies to the choices dictated by the Love that you feel, you bring the Love that you are in front of your eyes and those of other people, it’s your destiny that fulfills itself through the choices and the sweet actions, the destiny of reaching the full recognition of yourselves as Being Love.
And when you are in the Sky, the destiny is fulfilled here too, free from the problems of materiality, in the body of your Spirit, recognizing yourselves as Spirit, you donate to everybody, and often even to those brothers on earth, that same Love that is kept inside of you and your destiny is taking place, bringing in plain view of you and your brothers in the Sky the Love that you are.
In the sky the time of Love is extremely long in comparison to the incarnation, however this is a good thing for you, because too many incarnations could unsettle you more than they could help you in reaching your destiny. In the Sky, the experience of incarnated brothers becomes an opportunity for you to learn and understand every difficulty in expressing totally your Being Love and when the elements are in place for a new experience in incarnation, you set out the experience that you believe may help you grow to achieve your final destiny. You program conditions, meetings, help, and these conditions will become an integral part of your experience of incarnation. However these are conditions where it’s the sweet Love that is experimented, that is expressed, they are conditions of expression of yourselves as Love.
This is what destiny is. Notice how many words to tell you that the expression of Love is your destiny?
Many words can be concentrated in one big word: to love.
Notice, my sweet Simonetta, notice my children, the gap between what you call destiny from what we think of as destiny?
You call disappointments destiny, like experiences that come from your brothers, realization or non-realization of a wish and many illnesses related to a body that suffers from many things, when actually destiny is the expression of your Love in every condition that will cross your lives. What you came to experiment is to put Love, and putting Love into every situation that may manifest itself means to realize the project for which you came and loving in every situation will be experience of growth for you.
That’s it my loved ones, this is the answer, the truth that you already know inside your hearts, it’s just the mind that needs words to understand and allow you heart greater freedom in choosing to accomplish it’s project: Being Love.
I kiss you with all of my heart and through my heart I push you to go ahead through the discovery of the Love that is inside all of you
Your Father
Destiny Answer From Heaven About Destiny God Father Answer Destiny And Choices Actions
Destiny Answer From Heaven About Destiny
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