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Memories Before Birth Answer From Heaven

Memories Before Birth Answer From Heaven
Memories Before Birth : a light in my mind, there was once a time when I never would have guessed that one day I would have to describe a memory, one that I had kept close to my heart, as if I was defending it from being ruined or damaged by someone.
That someone is always the same, human beings ready to receive Faith or ready to push it away coldly, and the latter is what I was most afraid of, people who do not recognize Faith and are diffident and ready to ridicule you, and my silence was a consequence of that.
However, today in my full maturity, following my psychological and spiritual development I am able to speak freely and I am ready for my celestial memory, yes, a fragment of my cerebral cells still remained attached to the Paradise, to that place where we all hope to go one day.
I remember perfectly when I had to choose my mom, my life, my parents, I chose my father, who is now in Heaven, because I was sure that he could give me much Love, it’s the only thing that I wanted in my life to feel secure and protected because I was afraid to come to earth, everything else was secondary to me and was redundant.
I remember seeing the picture of me, of how I would have looked physically and I liked it, I even chose the way I would die and I was even more afraid of that.
However the clearest memory was of when I reached the time of my birth.
I still remember when, just before I was born, I would say goodbye to my girlfriends in the Sky, whom I considered as my sisters, and I was checking with them to remind them that I would need to be able to communicate with them, that they should not leave me alone, that the contact with the Paradise for me was vital.
I even saw the austerity of my future husband, I saw his Spirit, what kind of person he was.
The darkness was illuminated by a moonlight and I had a lot of feelings, joy mixed with shyness, fear mixed with wonder and letting go for my next birth on earth; I saw my parents from far away down there, just like you see through a negative film of pictures.
But let me go back, I was going through the path in the moonlight, slowly, very slowly, but I was not alone. Next to me there was a little girl, younger than me, whom I loved so much and she loved me too with all of her heart; we were walking down the path together and she kept close to me and she was holding my hand, I was nearly in tears when I saw our feet with little white shoes and light legs, featherweight, little girls legs.
For a moment I saw the future of this girl, very calm, tranquil, then I saw mine, full of obstacles to overcome, I chose a path full of Love but full of problems to resolve with the main theme I had chosen, that of demonstrating Love.
For a moment I was seized by panic and I clung on to this little girl, I did not want to let her go, I was scared at the thought of separating, not seeing her for a period of time, or not even seeing her ever again, however the sign was in front of me, there was a sign, the time had come to arrive on earth, I felt attracted by an energy that lifted me and I was saying goodbye to the other little girl and crying at the same time, and I managed to cry out loud “how will I recognize you?, how will I find you?”, and she was waving goodbye with her hand.
What I was fearing the most was the nothingness and the oblivion that I was going to experience until, at the age of six, I asked myself who I was and where I came from and, in my full youth, this memory began to come to the surface again, initially a little vaguely, then more and more clearly and over time events began to come to the surface of my memory.
During my life I was always clinging on to my Faith, I always believed in the Celestial Father, in Jesus and in the Virgin Mother Mary, almost as if it was a fact that I took for granted, rooted deep inside me and without ever a shred of doubt that a piece of Paradise was inside my heart.
I would look around and I would seek that little girl, in the eyes of a parent, of a friend, and I would ask myself “could that be her? or maybe this person?”, but I never found her.
In the month of December 1993, during my Christmas Holidays I had a dream, an Angel wearing a white cloak and with hair that went all the way down to his neck, very tall, told me that I was pregnant and I saw a woman with a big belly with a child drawn on it, that I would have had a little girl and the Angel even gave me the name, even though I did not remember the name anymore by the time I woke up.
I talked about it with my husband who, always skeptical, told me that I was not the Virgin Mary!, however, the day of January 6th 1994, I took a pregnancy test and it showed positive; three months later they confirmed to me that it was a little girl, to the astonishment of my husband!
I understood it slowly slowly over time, when she was around 10 years old, I connected the message from the Angel when my daughter one day told me “mum, I have a few memories”.
However I wait in silence, with much love in my heart I know that she is the little girl that I saw in the Sky, she is my girl, just her mere presence is to me a great source of support in all my terrestrial vicissitudes and most importantly my Faith.
“Those who have Faith will manage to climb even the highest mountains”.
Thank you, Anna Maria.
Sweetest Father, please, I am your Sara Luce, I wanted to ask you if you would like to add something, a few words from you, to this testimonial that Anna Maria shared with us about her memories of Heaven.
The Father answers
Each one of you carries many memories in your sweet Soul, memories of events of previous lives, memories of when you were here with me and even memories of when you were born; everything is in your Soul and when a memory comes up there is always a reason for it, a memory reappears to guide us toward a path of growth, your project; a memory comes up to allow us to put ourselves in the best possible position for that evolution that has not been fulfilled over the course of your previous incarnations; a memory could come up to allow your Faith to feed with certainty.
Anna Maria described us her memories and the many emotions that you feel the moment when you are physically separating from the Paradise.
All of you feel these emotions, there is much desire for it, but there is also fear that separating from the Sky may also mean silence for your hearts, you observe a sweet Spirit inside a body and you know well that that heart is not an expression of what Love for that Spirit is, even you are sure that you don’t easily express all of your Spirit amongst your brothers on earth, this situation of indefiniteness instills fears; many Souls in Paradise have crossed many times the gate that brings them to life and the joy that they feel is immense at the time of birth; there are sweet Souls that have had far fewer experiences and for them the fear is more intense.
Many memories of Anna Maria speak of determination, of destiny, in the choice not only of her parents but also of the husband, of her own death, of being a parent specifically to the Soul who is accompanying them; let me explain, you choose your own destiny; sweet Anna Maria chose all of this, but often you only choose opportunities in your lives that allow you to realize your project.
You are all sweet Souls who choose your project freely and you choose who you meet, and often in your project there is a need for many Souls and here come your memories, the choice of the Souls, like I mentioned to you, will always be in your path.
And to conclude, one last aspect.
Did you notice that during the course of the experience chosen by Anna Maria the important point of her project is to ‘Show Love’?, her project is the common project of every Soul who is about to incarnate, every one of you has chosen your own path to express, to show Love, Anna Maria is telling all of your Souls that her choice is exactly your own choice; this is why, one fine day, she decided to share her experience, her memories, what comes from her heart is the reason why today she chooses to tell us, to remind all of you, all incarnated brothers, that the project of each one of you is that of ‘demonstrating Love’.
I hug you my sweet Souls
Your Father
Thank you, always infinite thank you my Father
Memories Before Birth Answer From Heaven About Memories Before Birth
Memories Before Birth
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