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Meaning Of Life Answers From Heaven

Meaning Of Life Answers From Heaven About The Meaning Of Live
Meaning Of Life Answers From Heaven : hi Sara, I am here in my immense sadness, with the awareness that I shall never see my sister Simona again, unfortunately the other night my sister died, but I assure you that in the moment she passed away I did not understand anything, I have many doubts and a lot of questions that need an answer, but right now, above all I would wish for her to be reassured once again that I love her very much, that I have suffered a lot with her and I am sure that my mother came to greet her.
When you get the opportunity, please give her this message. Then if we have the possibility we could expand on this conversation.
Simona, I love you very much, and I beg you, if can do anything else for you, I ask you to please tell me the way to be helpful to you.
Say hello to mum and I will be waiting for you…..Just give me the chance to do it.
Thank you Sara, right now I realize I am simply in God’ hands about the life trials that Our Lord is giving to me: my family problems are not solved yet, neither are those of my job, I owe money to many people, He took away a sister from me, what else does Our Lord want from me ?
I beg your forgiveness for my venting, I assure you that going on day by day is becoming more and more difficult.
A renewed thank you and an embrace
The Father answers
On the subject of that conversation about what your Father wants from you, my sweet and beloved daughter, what do I want from you ? Just your realization, but by realization I do not mean bringing me a fat pay check, it does not mean bringing me a sweet brother whom you have helped, as it does not mean bringing me your difficulties as an example to justify your non-realization; in front of your eyes, daily opportunities in which to decide whether to put Love or anger, in front of your eyes many events in which it is possible to grow up expressing your Love; in front of your eyes the opportunity to wait or to proceed, with the heart or for financial advantage . Well this is the scenario that is involving all terrestrial brothers, and each day brings millions of opportunities to be - or not to be Love. And realization, my sweet Soul, the one that both you and me wish for you, is the opportunity to nearly always express as much as possible your being a great Love or your not being Love, I understand your need for balance, and for sweet serenity, I understand all that, sweet Soul, but it is in the heart that serenity, security and balance are to be found, and these can be acquired only by filling the heart with cheerfulness for the Love’s experiences that you experiment with all your Being.
All you have to do is experiment, sweet Monica, I also have some important advice: do not believe that your Father does not help you, and assists passively to your suffering, as I am indeed giving you my help, even today through these words, but I always, always , my Soul, I always speak to you and encourage you to put Love, because the feeling that I feel for you my sweet Soul, is that of immense Love.
Now I do accept your wish and I will let you speak a few moments with sweet Simona, may her words be able to give you serenity.
My voice is very soft since I arrived here in the Sky and I now realize how difficult it is for you to hear me, while I am talking to you, but inside my Soul I wanted to give you some advice- to hear me you have to think of me as a wisp of wind, think of me as a petal of a flower, as a very sweet snow flake, because my voice is as light as the elements I mentioned to you before. If you listen to the wind blowing, you listen to this flower’s petal, if you listen to this snowflake, you will be able to hear the words I am constantly telling you. You know, it is very nice up here, the trees rooted deeply into the ground, they are very big, there is a lot of peace and absolute harmony, it is like in a fairy tale, a kind of existence that is different from that on earth, there is harmony and peace and always much Love, and wherever you turn you are always in contact with a manifestation of Love from a smile to a caress, to a continuous and joyous helping each other. This opportunity to tell you all this is beautiful, but you are worried about me, however I am very happy because my Soul needs to experiment security after what I have gone through. And as soon as you come into contact with this place, the suffering disappears in a heartbeat, in this Paradise it quickly becomes a faded memory. My eyes see beauty, my heart is feeding on beauty and my body, so luminous, is sending sparks of cheerfulness. At the end of the day my story on earth has taught me quite a bit, but I suggest you follow the advice that today our Father has given to you, perhaps for you your experience is realization, which is necessary to give you a lot of joy when you arrive here.
Now I will leave you by sending you a big kiss, may my words bring you a little truth to your Faith.
I hug you with Love.
I am sorry to see that Simona is a little critical with herself, because she has actually learned more than what she is admitting now, however this is quite normal; nearly always, when all of you come into contact with this Sky and with the Love that you breathe, it seems to you that you never truly loved, but this criticizing ends over time with the perception that over here one continues to grow and that just like on earth you can mobilize your Love in every situation and often this critiquing becomes an even bigger investment into giving Love to your brothers and discovering that you are the ones who are putting beauty.
May the light that we are sending you reach your heart, transforming the great sorrow that you are undergoing into an opportunity for you to also learn to put your Love always and always, in every opportunity that life throws at you.
A very big kiss my sweet Monica
Your Father, who is embracing Simona on your behalf.
Thank you Father for your Love.
Meaning Of Life Answers From Heaven About The Meaning Of Live
Meaning Of Life Answers From Heaven

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