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Touch Of Love Answers From Heaven

Touch Of Love Answers From Heaven About Thread That Connected Us
Touch Of Love Answers From Heaven : hi, Sara, I would like to propose a little question to the Sky, no hurry, when it is possible for you, I always start from my example, lately I have been experiencing strong feelings toward a person, and at just the simple thought of him my heart seems to fill up with affection, letting myself be guided by these feelings is marvellous!, this is especially true after having lived, like many other people, moments of discomfort and darkness, the other day, as I was thinking lovingly about this person, I felt his presence next to me, I swear I could nearly smell his perfume too!
I had the impression that in that precise moment he was thinking about me with the same intensity, with the same sincere and strong emotions. Like an imperceptible thread that in that instant united us! This may sound very stupid…..
But then, if we can successfully recover our relationship with our deepest feelings, with our True Essence, is it possible for us to be close to a Soul and transmit Love even just by thinking about somebody who is very far away from us?
It was a feeling that I had for a few moments, in which I asked myself if that was my imagination at work, but I believe that our instinct could bring us to experience nice emotions (never with selfishness) If this is the case, I am very happy because he is a man who deserves all the goodness in the world! And this also means that we can all do a lot for other people by (but not limited to) intensely sending good thoughts. Thanks to the Sky!
An embrace to my Angel. Silvia
The Father answers
As I recently explained to you in my messages, my sweet creature, you all are connected to an imperceptible but very strong thread. This thread allows you to exchange experiences within the unconsciousness of the reason, but today I want to explain to you the reason for this thread and what passes through this thread from one to another. This sweet contact that joins all of you, brothers, is the sweet contact that stems from the Love that I have conferred to you, and that I put it in your heart. The same substance of which I am made, Love, is inside me and inside each of my children. This is the common essence, the Love that I am expressing is the same Love that is expressing inside of you. Since the Essence is the same, it does not matter if it is inside very different bodies and if those bodies are far away, because it is in constant contact one with the other and it is simultaneously in contact with my same substance.
I explained the framework to you to make you conscious of the reason why thinking about another Essence contained in a body who is far away can transmit accurate sensations of real contact. It is really you making contact and what you do register in your heart, in your feelings, is just a proof of the existence of this kind of contact which is always present among you. By helping with your positive thoughts, rich of affection, you are transmitting through this thread a sweet feeling that reaches that essence immediately, helping him if necessary, supporting him if necessary, and in a direct way your heart reaches his heart.
The feeling is transmitted through this thread, but through this thread you can only send Love and no other feelings, because the essence in the heart is precisely only Love.
And even all those experiences that you live, as I told you, outside the awareness of reason, are all experiences which have the experimentation of your Love as a guide.
I have finally transmitted to you everything about that joining thread, also because many of you think that it is possible to transmit negativity from a brother to another, and my explaining to you that in truth only Love passes through the thread that is joining you is a reassurance for your many fears that do not correspond to the truth.
I thank you, my Silvia, because in answering you, in helping you, I finally have explained the process of interaction amongst you and the constant contact with me through the heart, with your Father. I am very grateful to you for this opportunity, which you have offered to me to explain to you how and why you are all joined to me.
A big Kiss and thank you again.
Your Father, who is transmitting through this thread a Lot of love, always toward you.
Thank you for your teaching , sweet Father
Touch Of Love Answers From Heaven About Thread That Connected Us
Touch Of Love Answers From Heaven
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