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Unborn Babies Answers From Heaven

Unborn Babies Answers From Heaven About Unborn Babies God Father Answer
Unborn Babies Answers From Heaven : my sweetest Father, I am your Sara Luce, recently Rosario and I were talking about unborn babies, sometimes it’s about the choices that are made regarding the interruption of a pregnancy, sometimes health reasons can interrupt a pregnancy, as in the case of spontaneous abortion, and sometimes women, in order to avoid serious health problems, are obliged to interrupt their pregnancies, and then there are premature babies, some of those tiny little bodies successfully survive, while others do not; the experience of Rosario with the pictures of unborn babies that Beppe sent us generate a lot of questions about those little Souls, from the various messages that you sent us over the years we have piecemealed different elements together, however, in our attempt to organize them all coherently, we want to avoid creating answers that do not correspond to the “truth“ can you help us, Father?
The Father’s answer
Let’s take up once again the subject of the Souls who choose specific conditions to enter in contact with life amongst you. I repeat, incarnation has the sweet meaning of experimenting one’s own Love. Aside from the success or failure of a pregnancy, that Soul chooses that experience together with you, and will begin the experience from the moment in which the two elements unite in the physical body, which will multiply and will give the possibility of creating a physical body to host the Soul , which decided to be born.
There are many reasons why sometimes women lean toward the termination of a pregnancy and in this case the sweet Soul will experiment the true great conflict of that heart that is feeling a life inside itself but for many very important reasons cannot welcome that life that is feeling inside. And the Soul is listening and learning how it is possible to find life inside a heart but not necessarily hospitality. These are very important lessons, on welcoming a life as an opportunity to express Love toward that same life. Not everybody is able to appreciate life in the same way. Right now you are all alive, but how many of you reflect on the preciousness of life itself?
It is very rare amongst you to welcome your existence with sweet Love for life itself, when you come back here to me you appreciate it much more than when you were on earth.
This hospitality is the act of welcoming a gift, and I repeat, for me this is the greatest gift that I have allowed myself to give you.
Let’s continue our discussion, always focusing on the Soul and its experimentation.
In the conflict the sweet Soul learns this concept of hospitality and it is an important teaching. If subsequently the birth turns into an abortion, this sweet Soul will always continue to follow you, seeking the solution to your problem of hospitality. There will be another important experience in the future, perhaps in a different body which perhaps will accommodate the very same Soul or perhaps a different one, but in the latter case, it would be like starting all over again, through a different body, the experience that the brother can live in our place and this becomes life also for that Soul. Constant experiences through the brother’s body, growth exists also in this sense.
There is growth also in those Souls who experimented an interrupted pregnancy for health reasons. You are used to thinking that experiences can only be had inside the body, but the experience of a Soul is constant, not only in the physical body, but also by simply following the physical body of others. The experience is in the hearts and not in the physical body, in the emotions and not in the hands; in the feelings and not in the feet or in the external appearance. The feeling goes beyond the body and the sweet Souls are always learning through the contact with your feelings.
My dear Rosario and my dear Sara, now your pieces are all placed together, remember the precious teaching of hospitality in the heart for the life that I gave you, after all you are appreciating it as gift, but the feeling of hospitality as gift still needs to be completely recovered in you too, sweet children.
An immense great kiss.
Your Father.
Thank you Father, you are right, to accept life fully, as life itself, as a gift, I recall a song that I used to sing in the choir , the one based on the text of San Francesco “ The Chant of all creatures “, I believe this is what the name is.
Father, however, I still have one thing that I have yet to completely understand. Through the Angels we have been told that there is great understanding and compassion for those women who choose to abort a pregnancy and we were told that the person’s forming body would not be offered to any Soul if it the intention to terminate the pregnancy was already evident. But now you are saying to us that from the very moment of fertilization is when the possibility is given to a Soul to follow that couple, to participate at the moment of the choice between continuing with the pregnancy or its termination with all that you have just talked to us about.
Will you help me understand?
The Father’s answer
Usually many women think about having baby, the possibility of having a baby, and this wish is in their hearts. Sometimes the discovery of the existence of a creature which is forming inside them recalls the sweet desire that is preserved in their heart. In this case, regardless of the final outcome of the choice, we in the Sky give a Soul the possibility to choose that couple, however the presupposition is the existence inside that heart of a desire to have a baby. Very rarely is a baby not welcomed from that heart and in that case we do not choose any Soul, as we are sure of the choice that will be made.
I answered to the first aspect of your question.
Now let’s continue.
All of us over here learn through your experiences, the existence of the body is not necessary, we follow you in your feelings, in the expression of your feelings, in the many occasions where life is giving you the opportunity to express your feelings which are moving, in answer to the various contacts, they choose their own actions and there are many lessons that can be learnt through your actions. The experience inside the body is a never ending choice, the experience of a Soul that follows that body is experiencing feelings that are expressed in the choices. This is what all Souls learn when they follow you, this is the teaching also for those unborn babies who assist you from the Sky and who follow your lives with you. Experience, following you is always an experience, and then when life will exist again in another body, the experience accumulated shall be a guide for the incarnation.
Is everything all right now, my beloved?
An immense big kiss.
The Father
Oh, yes, my sweet Father, now it is all right, a thank you and an immense big kiss coming your way.
I found the text of that song that I used to sing in the choir, the title was : Sweet to hear
Sweet to hear how in my heart
Now humbling Love is being born
Sweet to understand that I am no longer alone,
But that I am part of an immense life
Which, generous, is shining all around me
A gift from Him, from His immense Love.
He gave us the Sky and the clear stars,
Brother Sun and Sister Moon,
Mother Earth with fruits, meadows and flowers,
Fire, wind, air and clear water,
Source of life for his creatures.
Praise our Lord
Who created the whole universe.
Praise our Lord
we are all His creatures:
A gift from Him, from His immense Love.
Blessed are those who serve Him with humility.
Unborn Babies Answers From Heaven About Unborn Babies God Father Answer
Unborn Babies Answers From Heaven
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