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Guardian Angels Questions And Answers

Guardian Angels Questions And Answers From Heaven About Guardian Angel
Guardian Angels Questions And Answers : hi, I am Mauro, I am twenty years old and I would like to ask a question, how many Angels can a person have? also, does the number depend on the person’s degree of evolution ? how and in which way? I ask this to my Angel or Angels, and if possible I would like to know their names, thank you to whomever will be the one to answer this.
The answer from the Father and the Angels
My beloved and sweet Mauro, I welcome your request and also the opportunity to explain this mystery of the Angels around you. Since all of you first started descending on earth, I noticed that your physical body created an obstacle in your recognition of your being a Spirit. As Souls, you are all in the Sky, as Souls you are all on earth, but the physical body, which is necessary to your reproduction, no longer allows you to see yourselves as the same Spirit that you manifest in the Sky, or to see it around you or inside yourselves. This is what lead me to create the Angels, with the sole purpose to remind you, through their interventions, that you all are Spirit. This is the reason why I created the Angels, whether they be at disposal of the Sky for immediate interventions, or whether they be busy assisting you personally for the entire duration of your life. I created many Angels because on earth the impression of initial difficulty in your recognition of yourselves as a Spirit was not so easily overcome with the first experience of incarnation. You just need to look at today, just look around you, how many of you are perceiving yourselves as a Spirit inside a body or, on the contrary, only as physical body? Do you understand me? Then you will understand why I created the Angels and why I created them in large numbers.
With all my sweetness I created the Angels with the intention to help you and I put all my Love always looking to help you and, my sweet Mauro, since the very beginning my thoughts have been focused on helping all my sweet creatures.
This your Father, always thinking of you and creating the Angels to help you, it’s nice, don’t you find, my sweet and tender creature?
Now I will pass you to your Angel, He will continue for me, to talk to you about all of them.
My dear, the message that the Father transmitted to you is His help to you and to all His creatures who will read this question and our replies, my treasure. I will continue on the topic. Personally I have chosen to be a Guardian Angel because of the joy that I feel for you when I follow you, when I give you advice, when I take you in my arms and cuddle you just like when you were very little, it is such a great joy that only a Guardian Angel can feel. So many times I helped you when making decisions, so many times I shared your laughter with you and in so many moments I took you and comforted you and these, too, are experiences that only a Guardian Angel can feel.
I am always here, each moment near you, and I record the entire experience that you are living and that, one day, we will review together.
Now I want to explain to you about the Angels that come to your help. Even though the Guardian Angel is the one charged with following you and helping you, there are often situations where even Angels need help, situations that simply depend upon the events that you face, from the commitments that you choose or from events that are important for your growth. And we ask help to ensure the maximum of support for you. And so here come new Angels, specialized on your specific need at that moment in time. For instance when you are undergoing surgery there are Angels who come and help you endure the pain, or for example if you are a teacher there are Angels specialized in communication to support you, or when you are having a bad time and you are desperate, there are Angels specialized in consolation. There are many Angels, every one of them has its own characteristic of the Love that it expresses in a more specialized way, and at any given time, if called upon by us Angels, they will come running to you and they start immediately to help you, together with us Guardian Angels.
Right now, my dear you have me as your only Angel, but it’s the most important one for you because my Love for you is so immense that I believe I love you just as much as a whole league of Angels. Do you agree, my treasure? Do you want know my name? My name is Emiliano. Why Emiliano? Because I like it. Angels choose their own names and I like Emiliano very much.
Now I will say goodbye to you, the Father is pleased and He says goodbye to all of you he is holding all of you tight to His heart, and, while He is embraced to me, He says goodbye and is thinking: ' What a surprise we have made for him, the two of us together.'
I send you a big kiss
Your Angel Emiliano.
Thank you Father and thank you Angel Emiliano
Guardian Angels Questions And Answers From Heaven About Guardian Angel
Guardian Angels Questions And Answers
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