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Depression Strong Depression Answers

Depression Strong Depression Answers From Heaven About Strong Depression Help
Depression Strong Depression Answers : my sweetest Sara, I would like to thank you first of all for the words of Love and comfort that you send each day to all people who need them, I am going through a moment of strong depression and every day I am feeling such a weight in my chest that only God can imagine, I would like to ask the Father to give me some advice as to the right way to go, to illuminate my way since my legs are heavy now, and they do not know which direction to take, I love each day, nevertheless I am not able to react to this situation, our Father knows what of my deep problems are, only He is able to tell me what to do, I give you a strong hug and thank you once again.
I love you, Clarissa
The Father’s answer
My sweet and beloved creature, I am replying to you by drawing close to my heart all my creatures who are suffering from depression. I know that often life, the difficulties that we continuously face, take the hope away from your hearts. You all fight it and very often you are really only adding to the effort. But it all seems useless to you. With your heart you would like to quickly overcome the solution, and instead the continuing effort throws you into the darkest discouragement and, when discouraged, fighting equals violence on oneself, because violence is what this is, violence on yourself.
From here comes that weight in the heart. And possibility turns into anguish.
You are asking me how to solve this great anguish.
First and foremost respect yourself, first of all take care of yourself with Love. There is always time to think about others, of certain problems, today you are not able to do that, tomorrow perhaps you will.
For today it is better to set aside the problem.
Start your day sweetly by taking care of yourself and eating a breakfast that you might enjoy, begin to think of today as day entirely dedicated to loving yourself.
Sweetly choose tings that can transmit care to you and Love for yourself. Wear a dress that you like and finally find time to go out for a slow walk. And while you are walking, you look at the Sky, it is from there that you have come and there that you will return, Peace reigns sovereign in the Sky and all your loved ones who are with us are living in this sweet Peace. You are those who need Peace and we send this Peace in your hearts from the Sky.
Breathe that air that surrounds you, conscious of your heart’s need for Peace and conscious of the Peace that we are sending you. Observe everything around you, every person you meet is a Soul waiting for the same Peace because, just like you are aware of your own problems, these sweet Souls you are meeting also have their problems to solve. A sweet little child is crying or maybe he is angry, those emotions are the same ones as you are feeling and sometimes crying and getting angry has the effect of bringing back a little balance because the violence that you feel inside your heart is being allowed to escape.
Continue your walk, always slowly, no rush, this walk is exclusively for you. Sweetly look at the trees and the flowers. They were once seeds. It is incredible what can come from a small seed, from a very big tree to the smallest flower and note how many different colours, impossible to conceive by just looking at a small seed. Nature is always teacher. A small seed can either become a very tall plant or it can remain at the level of earth. Why is nature teacher? Because you are like nature, you could either be very tall, or you can be at ground level. At this point sweetly observe how you are walking, are you at ground level or are you rather erect with a great wish to be very tall?
Sometimes you think that a wish cannot be realized, but in that moment, without understanding it, you are the ones who are abandoning its realization, and strong feelings must be always supported, because your realization is what allows the small seed that has your name on it to become very high like that sweet tree that you can see in front of you.
And the commitment problems in realizing this wish are the nourishment for your seed.
You are tending to many problems but you are neglecting what you are feeling inside yourself, unhappiness with yourself.
The problem lies with feeding that seed.
Others around you grow and you help them grow, but you neglect your own growth. How can a baby tree, stepped on by everybody, have enough strength to support bigger trees?
This is your anguish, you are feeling like a little tree that must sustain bigger trees.
And then what happens? The bigger trees continue to grow up and you, little tree, feel even more fragile.
I taught you that each one of my children is precious as a child of mine, in my heart there is no differentiation among you, I only wish happiness for you, my creatures, for each one of you my children, and every creature of mine knows that my Love is always there and is there for everybody, in equal and immense measure. But how can I help you to be happy, if you are abandoning your happiness? How can I help a little tree express itself in its total beauty, if you give up? How can I give you those gifts, which I have for each of my children, if you are refusing to grow up in the passion? While you are walking, meditate over these words of mine, in order to help you grow, I need for the wish to express yourself at your maximum level to be alive in your heart, and many gifts shall help you grow very big.
You are happy to hear it, I have the impression that inside your heart the idea that your Father is differentiating may have started to grow, but it is only your effort and your great wish in your heart that allows me to give others some gifts, but I am full of gifts that I continually replenish, and it is for this reason that I do not exclude anybody, but they are the hearts that I am listening to, and even today’s message is a little gift to help you, from now on, to accept the great gifts that are here waiting for you.
Now go ahead and go on your day and set aside these words in your heart. This delicious day is entirely dedicated to your heart.
I will be listening, I will wait for the voices of the hearts which shall help me help you to expand and grow till you will become very big.
I will listen with all the Love I feel for my sweet creatures.
Your Father.
Thank you Father of Love.
Depression Strong Depression Answers From Heaven About Strong Depression Help
Depression Strong Depression Answers
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